Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Kiss......A new beginning

Feeling the love today....



The Sailor and I

My three gorgeous one new son

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess Who?

Some years ago when my daughters were developing their love of art and illustration, drawing tattoos on Barbie Dolls, decorating the walls with crayon murals, doing makeovers on the faces of super models on my woman's weekly's they also managed to deface every character on the family 'Guess Who' game.

Cleaning out the toy box one rainy holiday, we found the 'Guess Who' all in good working order except for the defaced character's.  Lauren, (2nd daughter) who was quick not to be reminded and reprimanded once again, piped up and told me she didn't like those people anyway, they were really scary and looked mean. That's when I got the idea to repair the game, and in doing this creating a holiday activity, that would not only be fun for the day but could be used again and again.

Firstly, we got the photograph box out and picked enough family pictures to place in each of the flaps of one board, then we made two copies of each picture and replaced them into the flaps.  
How exciting our very own family 'Guess Who'  The girls loved and cherished that game for years, changing the pictures several times over.

To my surprise when I was surfing the net for holiday activities I came across this picture on 'Pinterest'.

I can't wait to make one for Rowan

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank you

I can't remember the last time I opened the letter box, the real letter box that is, the one attached to the fence and pulled out a hand written envelop addressed to me in person.  In fact I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter or a card, addressed it, put a stamp on it and posted it.
To my surprise, when I arrived home last week, I had two such letters.  One from my dear friend Lucy thanking me for a dinner party and one from my daughter Peta, thanking me for planning Rowan's Christening.  I am happy to admit that my eyes filled with tears of joy and appreciation and gave me something to muse over this long weekend.  This week I will start a 'thank you' card collection buy a bundle of stamps and next time I want to say Thank you, I will enjoy a brisk walk to post box, smile at the passers by, and stop long enough smell the roses. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Treats and Celebrations

Over at my house we are chilling out and feasting on wonderfully delicious Easter treats that my daughter Peta and I have been happily preparing over the long weekend.  It's Rowan's first Easter and we are all enjoying bundling him up, throwing on our warm coats and taking him for walks to the park with the crazy poodles.  We are eating breakfast in bed, reading, doing crosswords, playing pictionary, watching old movies and making our way through the left overs.  We went to mass on Sunday morning and cooked a delicious feast for dinner last night.  I am loving this!  Here are my favourite images and I still have today and tomorrow to go.

The poodles want him to play ball!

Wearing his Sunday best 

A rose on my breakfast tray

Afternoon tea and duckling cookies 

Dinner decor

Friday, April 8, 2011

Come bark soon!

I woke up filled with anticipation and excitement this morning, I am very much looking forward to meeting new people and discovering arts, crafts and fabrics and bringing something special home to share with you.   We are packed and confident that we haven't left anything out.  Yeah! ready to enjoy 12 days living a different culture.

When I checked my email one last time, I read this very lovely email sent by one of my customers.  This has really made my day.  Thank you Kerrie!

Hi Roberta,
You probably won't remember me but I did an order with you about August or around then last year, for a Phoebe smock (size 1), a Bella dress and a Daisy smock dress, in size 2's. We lived in Adelaide then but have since moved to the Gold Coast.
I loved all the items but even though my daughter is quite tall the items have all been a bit big for her, until now. I popped the Phoebe smock, size 1 on her yesterday with jeans and it looked stunning...absolutely gorgeous!! Last week so got to wear the daisy dress /smock....also gorgeous! The fabrics are divine and the quality is exceptional. Everyone commented on her when I did the kindy run with my son in the Phoebe smock top.
So here I am back again just to see if you by chance anything similar and I was thrilled to see that you still stock some sizes, and on sale as well!
I am beside myself with happiness and can't wait to see the smock in blue also,
Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much we love the items and how excited and glad I am that you are still doing that style. Would love to know when your winter collection is online.
When I have some more time I will come back for another look at your sale items for next summer...too good to pass up!
Just in case the address didn't come out as one in QLD can you please let me know? 
Thanks again,
Kerrie :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One sleep to chair, one bear, one book

All packed and ready to fly, I have time to think about what happy things came my way this week

One chair, one bear, one book

I must say I have a thing for chairs, I am always picking them up off the footpath, or spotting them in garage sales, or Salvation Army stores, but this one, I could not resist, I purchased the jumble and battered, seen better days child's chair for a mere $15 at the Rozelle Public School Market.  Held in the grounds of the Historic Rozelle School, this market is a must for those seeking out treasures with over 100 stalls you are guaranteed a very entertaining couple of hours .  

The sailor is quizzeld by the family of mismatched chairs sitting in our garage.  Happily I report back to him that one day they will all get a make over and live happily ever after.

My lovely friend, sailing buddy and Rowantree supporter, Lucy knitted this handsome little bear for Rowan.  Lucy says it's the only thing she can knit...somehow I don't believe you Lucy.  I will post the pattern for the bear when I am back in my blogging chair.

And Last but not least "The Little Golden Book".  "The Pokey Little Puppy" is my favourite.  Do you remember "The little Red Caboose", "The Saggy, Baggy Elephant".  I am building a collection for Rowan and I can't wait to see his little face light up when I read him one. 

Another beautiful Autumn day.......

Cherish those special little moments

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two Sleeps to go...Two very cute fasionista's, Dakota and Lola

I love to receive pictures of little people wearing my designs, and these are two of my very favourites...

Let's play Lauren smock...nice touch Dakota I love the fascinator

The Bella dress in Vintage Green.  Great choice Lola, perfect for meeting the Dugons at the 

Thank you for allowing me to blog your beautiful pictures.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three sleeps to go...What I love about Autumn in Sydney

And the list making continues........

What a brilliant Autumn day it was yesterday,  we decided to take Rowan for a walk in our beautiful inner city Centennial Park which is looking so lush and colourful after the rain.  My daughter Peta put this to me.
"Mum you love to make lists, so lets make a mental list of what we love about Autumn in Sydney....

Cool mornings and brilliant days like to day.
When you can see your breath
The colour of the light of day
Walking in the Park with you and Rowan ( that's not counted, for being too cheesy)
Slow cooking
Apples, Quinces for pies
Picnics, you can eat so much because it's cold

Peta ...   No Cricket

Me ... Ditto! no sailing (at least for a few weeks)

Thank goodness for Easter we get to eat chocolate
The Easter Show
Putting on a great pair of Sambag boots and throwing on my orange Sambag trench, stamping on crunchy leaves...
The Easter Racing Carnival and all those impressive fascinators and heels to die for
Being cosy in a comfy chair with a great book
Knitting and crocheting
Love going to the beach house and walking along the cold and windy beach collecting shells
Windy Oxford Street in Paddington, wind burn and a wine at the Paddo Inn
Rozelle produce market, coming home and making fresh pasta with mushroom ragout
Planting my bulbs in the garden in an anticipation of how amazing they will look in spring

Peta...Anzac day....Two Up

Me...Which pub?

Peta ... Definately the Court House in Newtown

Me .. No Excahnge in Balmain

And so the list went on and on and on

Peta ... If you love Autumn so much then why are you going to Thailand
Me ...I'll be back in time for Easter, my friend Chantal from Chantal Vincent Art  is doing something very special for me to give Rowan for his first Easter. one more
Cowboys and Indians
and as we walked back to the car we chatted about all those games we played in the big backyard the 
tee pees made of sheets the pretend horses, the forts.  One day we'll be making games for Rowan.  Yeah can't wait

Crisp cool days and the perfect clothes to play in!

Swishing around in the park 

Featuring the 'Let's Play' collection available on line at my online store.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Colour, inspirational Sapa

Today, Monday it's the count down to my trip to Thailand. It's about writing lists and sub lists
List of maybe's.
List of clothes to pack
List of clothes not to pack (took last time and never wore)
Basically lists of things I don't want to forget. I think that is what a list actually is?  If somebody can help me with that notion, please feel free.
and then there is the list of what to take the children, books usually, colour pencils, writing pads, etc. 
Then all the clothes have to be relisted to accommodate the above.  
Thanks goodness for the sailor who never wants to take much in the way of clothing on holidays and lets me fill his bag.

I should be writing lists now, this minute,  instead of reading soul feeding blogs, but then I naughtily head over to my image files.  Just for inspiration I tell myself.
One place I will never forget is Sapa which lies in the very north west of Vietnam near the Chinese border and way up in the mountains.  Sapa is such a colourful town thanks to the H'mong and Dzao people from the local hill tribes who head into the town's market every day to trade their giftware, homewares, children's toys and clothing, produce and homewares.   

Love those purple wellies!

Hand embroided baby pouch..How about that for the crafties



More homewares


Ladies lunching

and favourite little warrior

That was a day to remember the colour's still dance in my mind. the people beautiful and inspiring.  The sailor was hugely patient whilst I stopped and chatted and made my many purchases which he happily carried back to the bus, several times.....
Later that night I heard the sailor commenting about the day.

"Yeah mate, Not bad,  Just like all those markets she loves to visit back home, a bit of craft stuff, some food, you know just a lot of little colourful treasures that keeps her happy!"

Now it's back to the lists.......

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Tamptation of Stylish Living...Suki Tam Artist and Author

I'm thinking this piece of fabric will be a very comfy pillow, a quilt or a pair of PJ'S or ...........

Sitting here on my worktable is the cutest piece of fabric which is designed by Suki Tam a very talented artist and writer.  I met Suki at Mathilda's Market at Paddington Town Hall a couple of weeks back.  I was strolling amongst the stalls looking out for that something special to catch my eye.  There is was a colourful display of fun, vibrant, quirky printed fabrics.  I was in heaven.

I love these.  All of them.  Which one will I take.  They are absolutely beautiful....I want them all!  The feel and quality of the fabric has my stamp of approval.

I want them now before Suki becomes famous.

I picked the Elephant design to bring home that day as you all know I am creating a space for Rowan in my house and my brief to myself is to make it colourful, interesting, fun and quirky. ( much like myself).  Every quiet moment I would head back to Suki's stall to chat a little more about her wonderful prints, drawings and her inspirations.  It so happens that Suki lives just around the corner so I won't be too far away when I need a textile fix.

Here is a glimpse of Suki's delightful products.

2011 Calenders

Cherry blossom print...soo dreamy

A travel journal just in time for my holiday

Whimsical little jottings throughout

Love this

Thank you Suki for gifting me one of your travel journals.  Check out Suki's online store at Etsy to buy any of her beautiful products.  

Friday, April 1, 2011

Clear the mind and creative space.

Okay it's Friday and I have the whole weekend ahead with no plans (so far).  My space, my room, my studio whatever I decide to call it at any given time is getting out of control.  I can't help it.  I just keep making things, mostly little peoples clothes but lately I have been stretching the creative mind and this is when things have really taken on a turn for the worst.
Take a step back.....we moved into the house, a stately Victorian terrace aptly named 'Victoria'  one year ago she is located in the inner west of Sydney and is in need of major renovation... so the idea was not to stress about her state of not being stately, but to soldier on whilst we muse over the grand plan.....

My appointed creative space with little room to swing the cat is upstairs at the back of the house, my work table is kindly positioned next to a lovely double hung window with a beautiful view of trees and rooftops down the street and right into my neighbours back yard and pool area which is kind of a lovely comical distraction at times when family things are running a muck.  The walls are a dirty cream and to top it off I have a very ugly light/ceiling fan combo.......
How is the grand plan coming along, it's not, so this is it, I am going to give fabric stash along with my patterns, laces trims etc, etc, etc, a get out of jail card and send them off on a lovely little holiday to the lock up.
The sailor did mention to me that I have poetic license to decorate the house in any stylish 
whim that takes my fancy...funk up the place, go crazy, graffiti the walls...well maybe not go that far. 

How high can I stack these...the boxes they multiply

Please stay in your box

My new super scissors...I found you and now I have lost you

Hmm....  somewhere there is a key that keeps the door closed


Watch this space

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