Friday, April 1, 2011

Clear the mind and creative space.

Okay it's Friday and I have the whole weekend ahead with no plans (so far).  My space, my room, my studio whatever I decide to call it at any given time is getting out of control.  I can't help it.  I just keep making things, mostly little peoples clothes but lately I have been stretching the creative mind and this is when things have really taken on a turn for the worst.
Take a step back.....we moved into the house, a stately Victorian terrace aptly named 'Victoria'  one year ago she is located in the inner west of Sydney and is in need of major renovation... so the idea was not to stress about her state of not being stately, but to soldier on whilst we muse over the grand plan.....

My appointed creative space with little room to swing the cat is upstairs at the back of the house, my work table is kindly positioned next to a lovely double hung window with a beautiful view of trees and rooftops down the street and right into my neighbours back yard and pool area which is kind of a lovely comical distraction at times when family things are running a muck.  The walls are a dirty cream and to top it off I have a very ugly light/ceiling fan combo.......
How is the grand plan coming along, it's not, so this is it, I am going to give fabric stash along with my patterns, laces trims etc, etc, etc, a get out of jail card and send them off on a lovely little holiday to the lock up.
The sailor did mention to me that I have poetic license to decorate the house in any stylish 
whim that takes my fancy...funk up the place, go crazy, graffiti the walls...well maybe not go that far. 

How high can I stack these...the boxes they multiply

Please stay in your box

My new super scissors...I found you and now I have lost you

Hmm....  somewhere there is a key that keeps the door closed


Watch this space

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