Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three Breezy Dresses and other adorable pieces.

I love these three adorable dresses in beautiful bright reds and blues.  The polka dot is a classic look and so stylish and never goes too far away from the fashion trend.  The beautiful blue floral is devine and also looks great in the little peasent top.

I love the nautical theme and my summer collection shows this through.

I took my two beautiful chocolate poodles to Rushcutters Bay Park today a favourite spot for many families to enjoy a beautiful sunny day.  I am always looking at children and what they are wearing and the standout looks for me are those stylish bold reds and blues.

All my dress designs are very comfortable to wear so breezy in their design.  

Also love the polka dot shorts which come in navy, red and a chambray.  Team these Rosie peasent tops with any of my shorts.

Well I am off to a sailing regatta in Hamilton Island.  I will be taking some of my collection with me just incase I spy a cute little model.

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