Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nautical Days Ahead

The excitement of the Christmas Festivities, the almost certain demise of the 'Baggy Green's, and the uncertainty of 'Investec Loyal' taking out line honours in the 67th Rolex Sydney to Hobart....Wow what a hectic couple of days.  Today I am packing my sail bag and provisioning 'Incahoots' and tomorrow morning we will quietly sail out of Sydney harbour, tack left and head due north.   

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog this past year.  I have so enjoyed a wine or two reading and admiring all your beautiful thoughts and inspirations.  Just recently Emily of The Beetle Shack wrote about my Rowantree Collection and I was very chuffed today when I read her latest post to see beautiful images of  her little pipsqueak girl wearing one of my collection pieces.

Some snaps of the last couple of days.......


My three daughters Peta, Alexandra and Lauren

Loyal, start of the 67th Rolex Sydney background Lady's Bay

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rowan Romper Meets Little Hamish

Two weeks ago I received an email from a very talented lady,  Kate Facey,  uber baby photographer from 'Baby Steps Photography and Design'.   Kate was enquiring about the Rowan Romper.  Do I have a size 1 in the Nautical Stripe and the Spotty Spots.   Two!   I immediately thought what lucky little lads, getting a Rowan Romper to wear on Christmas day.  Do I gift wrap them separately or together, or maybe they are for the same lucky little lad?  So I emailed Kate and asked should I gift wrap together or separately!  Here is Kate's response....

"This might seem a little bit crazy, but I actually bought the striped romper from you at Mathildas Market and I'm just so in love with it that as my new little baby, Hamish, is growing out of the 00 size, I can't bear to be without it!!  When I bought it from you there was only one and you weren't sure you could get more material (it was some time ago) so I was just thrilled to find your website and that I could get them again!"  Kate Facey

I was so touched.  Thank you Kate for loving the Rowan Romper so much you needed to buy the same one in the larger size and NO you are not in the least a little bit crazy. 


 Can't wait to see him in his Spotty Spots
Pop on over here to Kate's website, you 'll be all drooly over her gorgeous baby photography. 

Images Kate Facey

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rowantree Designs Dresses little Pipsqueak for her photoshoot

I love the world of blogging, you just never know who is going to pop up and say hello.   

Hello Pipsqueak..............

This gorgeous girl's Mum, Emily, from 'The Beetle Shack' dropped by my comments box some weeks ago, so graciously telling me how much she liked my Rowantree collection and if I could send her gorgeous 'Pipsqueak' an outfit or two to wear for the family's Christmas photo shoot.  I was so thrilled, I excitedly picked out some floral pretties and sent them on their way.

 I love this pic of all the pretty's just hanging out in the sunshine, these fresh, little designs and prints capture the essence of summer fun in the garden, beach or park, all designed to fit for comfort and play.

Oh Emily, this makes my heart sing, this french print is one of my favourites and the Peter Pan collar is fashion forward this summer right through to winter!   How refreshing to view your images.  Thanks Emily.

Emily, I love this pic.  The beautiful hand embroidered vintage style trim is a gorgeous contrast to the pink floral, pretty and feminine.  A little dress that makes a little girl look like she should look!

Visit the  Rowantree Design collection Collection, you will find some very special pieces for boys and girls.  

All images via The Beetle Shack

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rowantree Loves Christmas Advertising.....

I just had to share with you two really cool Christmas advertising emails that dropped in my box this week..........

 Can you believe this sale, I love Alannah Hill.  Huge favourite of mine, I wore her designs to a NYC children's fashion Expo in 2000 and the comments I got were amazing.  And the poodle with his pom pom tail...LOVE

Thank god we had Stuart in the 80's for his totally bold fashion looks, big shoulders, huge prints and big jewellery.  Confused by this all American /Ralph Lauren look furniture , when this man clearly worked fashion.  Stuart is now living the quite life in Bali with his own interior range.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rowantree Designs 'Making cardigans hip'

Who said the humble cardigan was boring?  Certainly not me,  I have always been fond of the cardi, one of those wardrobe essentials you can't live without, so why should the tiny tots live with out one of Rowantree Designs luxurious organic cotton collection cardigans, especially on the coolish days like to day.  The moral of this story is..celebrate your children's new spring clothes and just pop a cardi!

My Magnolia's and the Peony's I purchased.

These beautiful Magnolia flowers are from the Magnolia Grand Flora tree that sits so proudly in my front garden.  These blooms were hanging on a low branch and beckoned me to pick them........

and these are the Peonis that wanted to come to my house.....

Monday, December 12, 2011

Vintage Celebrity Christmas Moments


 Sophisticated Audrey Hepburn

 Daring Marilyn Munroe

Darling Shirley Temple

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rowantree Captures 'Rowantree in Still Life'

The amateur photographer that I am, I just love styling my collection and photographing them. I am thinking of getting the images printed  on linen cloth  and framing them.  What do you think?

 Jennifer Dress

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rowantree Designs loves 'Lyn Jackson'

I am absolutely drooling over Toronto based Lynn Jackson's intricate works of art,  it evokes such an emotional response from me.  I want to gently gather up all these pieces and cradle them in my arms.

 Based in Toronto, Lynn Jackson is an artist whose work explores themes of emotional and physical displacement.  Using primarily metal, Jackson creates work that is informed by her years as a student of goldsmithing and costume design

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rowantree Designs Love 'A DIY Floral Christmas Tree'

Yesterday, one of my lovely blog followers emailed me these images of her DIY Christmas tree.  Gorgeous and girle! A tribute to  my floral door wreath I hope or am I just being vain.

I admire the styling of the large metal M and I am drooling over the tongue and groove ceiling and walls of the fabulous Queensland weatherboard.

An update of artificial going's on here at Victoria!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rowantree Designs Loves 'My Little Jedi Online Magazine'

If you are looking for gorgeous inspiration, go straight to the kitchen make your self a delicious cup of tea and head over to this  beautiful online magazine 'My Little Jedi'.  Not only will you be inspired by the eye candy styling and photography, there are some great DIY projects, how to cook amazing Christmas delights, and loads of paper printables that will give an edge to your Christmas wrapping.  You ant more there is a beautiful ad for Rowantree Designs designed by the lovely Bec of Ruby Ruby Designs. 

Too cute!

Love the printable gift paper

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Yes, you can make this......

and this....


And of course here is me!  Yes and free shipping for the month of December!

Images via 'My little Jedi' online magazine

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rowantree Designs 'Dressing the little tots for Santa'

Dressing Matilda and Rowan for their Christmas Santa photos was so such an exciting event.  Of course I wanted them both to be the best dressed little tots to sit upon the bearded man's knee.  I was thinking red's of course and when I came upon this luxurious red and white herringbone linen I was tickled red!  

A simple design for Matilda, my favourite Rowantree Design Sunday Dress, classic and very stylish!

For Rowan I designed a little man suit,  vintage inspried button up shorts and  classic five button shirt and of course what every distinguished gentleman wears a bowtie, of course!

Rowantree Designs 'Loves Colourful Interiors'

I am all for white on white when it comes to interior design.....well it starts out like that

I love the three dimensional tree mural complete with birdie houses, great for keeping little treasures, and doesn't that bed look so cozy....

A cluttered children's space never looked so good..

Eclectic collectables

Divine creative space

I like this computer space it has balance and looks calm....

I have serious door envy

Welcome surprise....

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