Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rowantree Designs Love 'A DIY Floral Christmas Tree'

Yesterday, one of my lovely blog followers emailed me these images of her DIY Christmas tree.  Gorgeous and girle! A tribute to  my floral door wreath I hope or am I just being vain.

I admire the styling of the large metal M and I am drooling over the tongue and groove ceiling and walls of the fabulous Queensland weatherboard.

An update of artificial going's on here at Victoria!


  1. I L.O.V.E that tree. It's just so clever (are they hoola hoops?), and beautiful, and simple (the plain glass baubles really make it) and stylish, and perfect for a summer christmas. Did I mention how much I love it?! The artificial flower renaissance begins here!
    (funnily enough I just bought 10 bunches of plastic flowers yesterday to decorate a swing we're building in the back garden for Claudine's christmas present)

  2. I know it's fabulous! I'm just loving the plastic flowers of late. And how cute are you decorating the swing set...I must see pictures please!


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