Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rowantree is off to the Med

Today the sailor and I are off on an adventure....

We are going to do this...
Sail the Dalmation Coast off Croatia

And a bit of this...
It's really, really hot in Europe at present

See a bit of this...
Stopping and sightseeing allongthe way

Then go here.......
Where the sailor proposed to me

Do some of this...
Shoes and handbags are my weak point

Buy lots of this...
The highlight for me

To Create lots of these........

Back in two weeks......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rowantree Designs. 'Be my Best in my Vest'

Dapper little baby basics.

These dapper little vests feature in the Rowantree Organic Knitwear range and they are oh so handsome!  

Hand made in an ethic factory in Nepal, the workmanship and quality of the garments are of highest standard.  All the pieces are just so soft and comfortable to wear and a very durable basic to have in your bubs and toddlers wardrobe.  

As you can imagine Rowan has a quite a few pieces and I have always been so impressed with how they wash, I just put them in the machine with his other softies on a delicate wash setting with a splash wool wash then lay them flat to dry.  Iron them up and they look like new.

These little vests are available in two sizes newborn to 6 months and 6 months to size 1.  My next order for 2012 Autumn will incorporate larger sizes to two to three.  Feel free to send me an email if you are you would love to own one of these dapper little vests.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fave Raves in New York City- Children's Designer Furniture

How fun! I wanted to share this with you.

Whilst checking out quirky children's fashion in New York recently,  I came across this  amazing architecturally designed children's furniture.  Roberto Gil is the designer and founder of Casa Collection. A Groovy space located in Brooklyn.   I fell in love with the colours, shapes, the quirkiness and individuality of each piece. 
I was too tempted to ship a piece home for Rowan's room so the sailor and I decided on the blue chair (mid right),  and we are eagerly awaiting  it's arrival.  The furniture has child appeal, looks fun and playful not to mention that each piece is functional and very durable.  I was not surprised to see this collection in the Museum of Modern Art Design Store and the Guggenheim Museum.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rowantree design. 'Blue and grey have never looked better'

Blue and Grey have never looked better.  

Sophisticated living

Stylish fashion

I love the impact of a simple colour palette.  Here I have chosen two liberty style florals and put them with a warm grey.  For trim I add navy cross grain ribbon.  Love the stylish impact of this combination.  The prints will speak for themselves so the design I will keep simple.  

Maybe Japanese inspired.......

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous Find. 'The Ultimate New Mummy Accessory'

It's A Wild Ride. Bugaboo Meets Missoni

I love this!  I saw this yesterday at Kido Store in Surry Hills.    I think it appeals to my love of crochet and knitting.  It must also appeal to Rachel Zoe's as her baby Skyler is seen to be riding around in one. 

Rowantree Design. 'A Sneek Peek at the New Website'

This is what I have been working feverishly on for the last couple of months.  When I embarked on creating my own website I must admit I did go in blindfolded.  To describe the journey I would say it is like "going on a bear hunt" stumble, trip, stumble trip.  Ohooo, you can't go over it, oooh you have to go through it, Ohhh..stumble, trip, stumble trip........lots of that and then more.  Can't do that.  What about this?  I'm sure there is a monster living inside my computer just waiting to undo things I have just done.  I cry, I feel failure, then something works and I am happy again.  What a bear hunt this has been but in this case I can't wait to finally come eye to eye with the bear.

I'm loving my new logo but now not sure on the white background.  So here I go again. To get a more vintage feel I realise I need to layer and texture the background and this is like back to the drawing board.  
Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fabulous Find. 'How to keep the kids cool this summer'

Can you see this in your back garden?

A trip to Bunnings and for some plastic piping and car washing sponges, then off to the local cariety store for some plastic strip door decal and your almost there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rowantree Design. 'Rowan Romper and Little Men Cardi's'

This is the little romper I designed for Rowan.   I love the french feel and of course I love anything stripe for a boy,  always looking for that a nautical edge. 

This is one of the handsome soft organic cardigans that I am stocking.  This one is the 'Grandad' style  in marle blue, also available in cream and a lovely brown.

This is a unisex, 'Moss Stitch' style I love the way these little knits grow with the body. Rowan has been wearing his since he was 3 weeks old and I have washed it so many times.   It's the best basic piece that dresses up any little outfit.

This is just too cute!

All cardigans are available in size 6 mth to size 2 and prices start at $65.  If you are interested in one you can drop me an email

What do you think?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rowantree Design . Vintage Romper Giveaway

Today whilst the sailor hung out in his new man cave (the boat), I turned up the stereo and set about creating this adorable summer dress.  Firstly, I have loved this fabric way too long for it not to be made up into something special and worn by an angelic princess.  Secondly, I mused over the style.  It had to be something soft, gentle and trimmed ever so delicately.   I love her hanging here and peeking behind is a 'Lovely Sweet William' Oak Tree Art print.

Naming my styles usually comes easy.  I name them after my friend's children but I have been creating so many little styles lately, I am running out of children.  This is where you come in.  Please help me name this little dress and you can win these ever so cute pair of vintage fabric Knickernoos.  don't you just love the fifties fabric!

How to enter:
You must be a public follower of this blog through Google Friend.
1. For one entry, leave a comment below suggesting a name for the dress.  Make sure you include your email address.
2. For two entries,  follow and like the Rowantree Design Page on Facebook and leave your suggestion and comment so I'll know it's you.  Connect to Facebook from my blog page.
3. For another entry make a comment on Twitter re the giveaway.
4. For a whopping 4 extra entries put a link to the giveaway on your sidebar or blog post (please include the link to this in your comment below you can add this in another comment later if you wish)
So there.  It's that simple.  If you have any questions or just feel like telling me how your day is, email me on

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fabulous Find. DIY sewing in Barcleona

Saturday morning, the weekend awaits........

What projects did I have in mind to complete?  

Which market, shop, or new cafe did I want to visit?  

Hmmmmm. So many things to do and see and only two days to fit it in to tick the boxes.

Wish I was going here, and taking you with me! 

Costura in Barcelona!

Let's take a peek inside.......A collection of very upmarket , trend setting children's clothes.  
Costura  is a hip children's boutique with the embodiment of a new concept, which combines the shop which also sells unique and funky products but promotes DIY when it come to obtaining unique and eclectic children's clothing.  No wonder why I love this idea so much! 

Handmade shoes and lovely fabrics

The store has a cool vibe and is styled with vintage touches, splashed with colour here and there.

 Peaceful  sewing nooks are available for rent with an experienced tailor to lend a hand.  With a large selection of fabrics to choose from and patterns a plenty.

… as well as for those who simply wish to buy simple yet ‘cool’ ready-made children’s clothing and accessories.
How about you? Have you been inspired by Costura?

Would you love to visit a destination like this in Sydney?  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rowantree Design 'In the Press'

It's always an exciting day when I find pieces of my collection sprinkled through the 'Shop4Kids' magazine, and this edition is extra special as Rowantree is featured on both pages of the 'Spring Trend Report'.  I enjoy receiving lovely emails and get quite a few phone calls for special orders.  

OOh! here I am rubbing shoulders with 'Fred Bare' and 'Fox & Finch....... 
I love working with tiny florals, the cornflour blue print is so delicate 'Matilda' is trimmed with two cute vintage buttons and white ric rac and comes in sizes 1 - 3.  I am doing bloomers with all my dress styles, they finish off an outfit perfectly.

A touch of 70's nautical, strutting the catwalk with 'Baby Gap'.

A favourite of mine for boys I always head towards the stripes for a classic look.  
 'Noah' overalls in size 6mths to 2 years.

Little 'Haley' dress has a European feel to it.   Crisp, fresh white cotton with modern lines, full, butterfly inspired feminine sleeves gives this little dress a pretty feel.  In sizes 1 - 3

As my new website is still under construction I am taking phone orders for my new pieces so any styles you see on  my blog or on facebook are available on a phone order.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In My Life. 'Living Stylishly with Children'

 When it comes to style, the French always seem to get it just right.  this is a central Paris apartment of Stylist Irene Cohen and her three children.   I admire and love the decorating style,  to create a fun and child friendly space.  Let's face it children are young for such a small amount of time so embrace it and create happy and functional spaces for all the family to enjoy.  

I love the way the staircase has become a little nook,  the Hummingbird wallpaper by Cole and Son has created a vibrant and happy place to play as well as being functional storage for hanging after school coats, shoes and bags.

The kitchen is vibrant and has a retro feel the smeg fridge and the coordinating highchair  I found one just like this on ebay and painted it to match my kitchen, love it!  
The kitchen table looks inviting, a Cath Kitson table cloth and surrounded by a fun collection of chairs.  Spotlight has a fantastic selection of lovely retro florals to make up your own table coverings.

This is shabby chic and fun.  The old chest of draws has been covered in Cath Kitson wallpaper.  Try hanging your Child's favourite outfits on the walls on decorative hooks...just like this

I am looking forward to blogging my own 'living stylishly with children' images over the next few weeks and I'd love to see yours, so get your camera out and snap some of your home highlights and share your decorating tips for 'Living stylishly with children'.
You can email your images to  
Can't wait......

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rowantree Design ' Laura and a Blush Spring Cardi'

Spring is just around the corner.....
Meet Laura,  a simple sleeveless Aline play dress.   Button shoulder with pockets trimmed in cream satin piping.  Don't you just love the vintage inspired fabric...I love the yellow, it's fresh, it's spring...and each dress comes with a simple comfy bloomer.  It was such a delight to create and construct these little dresses, from the fabric choice to button selection....the perfect little dress to.... 

..............feature the launch of 'Baby Rowantree's  organic cotton cardigans and knits.  
Above,  'Betty'  in Blush, detailed in an off white hem line and vintage cream buttons.  

Blush, inspired from the colour of heritage 'sweet peas' grown in my garden'.   

For all enquiries for the 'Baby Rowantree' organic cotton knit range or 'Laura Dress' please email me @

Saturday, August 6, 2011

In My Life. 'A Sydney Weekend'

Saturday, I'm taking Rowan shopping to buy him some cool threads!


Sunday, I'll be lunching at the Yacht Club

What will you be doing?

Friday, August 5, 2011

In My Life. 'A Nautical Tale'

Part One - Not the Nautical Tale

Some very strange things were going on in my house early this morning.  3.30am power supply was going off and on, got up to investigate, dogs confused following me  and getting under my feet, turned things off, flicked the switch at power board, power came on.  I went back to bed, dogs went back to bed.  Power went off, i get up to investigate, dogs follow, turn things off ...........finally at 5.30am I am over it, I get up and turn my bedroom light on and BIG BANG!  Thankfully only half the house has no power and my computer is on the other side with the power so I make myself a nice cuppa tea and decide to write a blog.

Part Two - Still not quite the Nautical Tale

My friend Keith a photographer came over yesterday to help me set a a light studio to photograph my Rowantree collection.  Wow what you can learn in a day with some porfessional guidance.  It's the images that are holding up online shop, so I feel happy that I am half way sorted with the photography.  He also gave me a disc with his images of our boat christening.  So hence the Nautical Tale I would like to share our day.

Finally - The Nautical Tale.

Sun streaming down from a cloudless blue sky, illuminating our gorgeous Sydney Harbour some French fizz was excitingly poured over the bow of the new "InCahoots"

Lots' of Pics......

daughters arriving.......

white sole shoes a must on the new boat

Sheet, halyards and blocks

Pouring the fizz...and it's done. Just for the record we didn't plan the matching crew outfits.  

A meander over to the zoo and the boat is christened

Would this 'Herringbone' outfit been more in line?
For me...

For him....

Nautical favourites from Rowantree Designs Summer 2010 

Charlie wearing the 'Breezy Frill' in French Floral

Max wears classic shirt in navy Poka with red denim cargo pants

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