Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rowantree Design . Vintage Romper Giveaway

Today whilst the sailor hung out in his new man cave (the boat), I turned up the stereo and set about creating this adorable summer dress.  Firstly, I have loved this fabric way too long for it not to be made up into something special and worn by an angelic princess.  Secondly, I mused over the style.  It had to be something soft, gentle and trimmed ever so delicately.   I love her hanging here and peeking behind is a 'Lovely Sweet William' Oak Tree Art print.

Naming my styles usually comes easy.  I name them after my friend's children but I have been creating so many little styles lately, I am running out of children.  This is where you come in.  Please help me name this little dress and you can win these ever so cute pair of vintage fabric Knickernoos.  don't you just love the fifties fabric!

How to enter:
You must be a public follower of this blog through Google Friend.
1. For one entry, leave a comment below suggesting a name for the dress.  Make sure you include your email address.
2. For two entries,  follow and like the Rowantree Design Page on Facebook and leave your suggestion and comment so I'll know it's you.  Connect to Facebook from my blog page.
3. For another entry make a comment on Twitter re the giveaway.
4. For a whopping 4 extra entries put a link to the giveaway on your sidebar or blog post (please include the link to this in your comment below you can add this in another comment later if you wish)
So there.  It's that simple.  If you have any questions or just feel like telling me how your day is, email me on


  1. I can't get the name 'Betty Bloomers' out of my head...I think it's the Mad Men influence!

  2. I'm also a Facebook Fan as Amelie and Atticus and Thouraya Battye :-) I will put it on FB now!! PS I just got the Shop 4 Kids mag...your dresses look beautiful!!

  3. Hehehe...sorry...I blame the lack of coffee for my silliness!

    My dress name would be: Clementine because the delicate pattern reminds me of my little girl...and I feel eternally guilty that my shop is named after her eldest sister - but it really was before she existed too...anywho...I am rambling...that is my name...I have FB'd too!


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