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Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Fibro Beach Shack 'A Yellow Beach House'

Finally the house exterior paint  is complete and I am jumping for joy.  I love the colour, it sings sunshine and happiness.  I think she looked moody and dull  here when I first bought her.

 Street view.  The  carport trellis and picket fence are begging me to paint them.  See my treasured little gate, last seen here.  The facing bedroom window is looking somewhat in need of an accessory.  A retro styled fixed aluminium awning will be perfect and I was so surprised when I found somebody to make me one.  The large gum tree has to be removed, and that is proving quite a task as the branches overhang the power lines and that involves having the power shut down....I am the talk of the town!

And finally the landscaping............of course when the tree is removed...and it's going to be a stunning planting of colour, a meandering little path and a bird bath.

 Ahh the patio.  Drenched in morning sun, this outdoor room will be a haven for a delicious cup of tea and a magazine.   

Ta Da..........How do you think the stripe wall looks now!  This is my to die for, original French vintage poster, designed by Pierre Fix Masseau. It seems the more I look at the poster the more I feel, see and admire it.  The teapot, vase, wine bottle and glass, the orange chair if you can see it and of course the cut glass, wine tumbler, so poignant of day to day living.  It's just bloody beautiful. So what do you think of the strip

Happy days in the shack Pierre! 

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