Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday. Random Boy Stuff

I am just having a wonderful day in my studio, the never ending reorganizing of practically everything.  I can't say I have ever had a huge concentration span for doing the mundane but when it comes to being creative time just flies by, so somewhere in the middle of doing one thing I find myself making more mess doing twenty other things and the studio ends up looking like the circus came to town put up the big top and left without packing up!  

This handsome little outfit is very dapper.  Rowantree Design retro shirt and the Rowantree organics cotton knit collection, 'Unisex Moss Stitch Cardigan'.

And this little romper was featured in the latest Shop4Kids

R is for Rowan and this is his room...

and this is his cot with the Wall Sticker Company map of the world panel stickers

and this is is Rugby World Cup Footy Kit!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

'Make Me Cozy'

BRRRRRR. Baby it's cold outside.  
I thought these cosy bedroom images might fire up some inspiration for the long weekend.

I love the eclectic collection and placement of the artwork. The little crochet cot rug adds a touch of softness as does the lovely leather satchel

My heart always goes out to a granny square bed throw, makes me feel all homely.

Brights, glorious brights, I'm loving the wall paper......

loving the retro here....

and here........

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday Lunch

Yeahhhh!  I can see the sun today.  You wouldn't  think that just two days ago here in Sydney it was blowing a gale and raining cats and dogs, and you wouldn't believe that I had planned a spring garden lunch for my family and friends on Sunday.  I ask myself why!  The answer being that on returning home from Europe to find my garden had transformed itself into a picturesque flowering haven, the rose trees abundant with crisp white buds and the sweet peas amass with colour.  I pictured the tables and chairs amidst this beautiful green backdrop.

Don't stop there.  I unearthed lots of discarded fabrics and even bought  more fabric from Ikea. (a great place to buy colourful sturdy fabrics for projects) I sat up late into the night making metres and metres of bunting.  The sailor kept mentioning something about the weather changing.  I refused to listen.  I just made more bunting.

Tuesday I ordered lots of beautiful white chairs and white table cloths from the party hire company......
Sailor mentioned to me again about the weather....
Wednesday I did the blackboard menu...
Thursday I took the crazy poodles to the dog groomers, want to see lovely dogs running around the back garden for extra ambiance.
Sailor sat me down and showed me the weather forecast...........
Saturday I went to Rozelle Markets and bought lots of yummy food to prepare and lots of potted flowers to plant along the garden edge.
Sunday morning I knew he was right........

There was only one solution.


Colourful paper decorations added a delightful touch to the chandelier

I planted the flowers in cut off brown paper bags.

The teatowel napkins would have worked better on the white chairs

I must admit the torrid weather didn't dampen this happy boys day....
Is that a halo I see resting above Rowan's head.....He is an angel!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bibs. The must have fashion accessory.

Don't you just love this bright red bib?  Well Rowan certainly does......

and I love to pop it over his best shirts and tees, wear it like a new fashion accessory.  

Isn't he just so cute !

I love shopping handmade and love supporting small business in Australia, I even love it better when I can shop on Facebook. I purchased these outstanding bibs from 'Ollie's Room' Handmade Children's Clothing and Decor.  It's fun browsing your friends pages and comments to find a little gem like 'Ollie's Room' pop up displaying images of unique and gorgeous little things on the wall.  So I facebooked and within a few days my little parcel of bright bibs arrived all the way from South Australia and such great quality.  Thank you Ollie's Room for the great Facebook shopping experience.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why can't boys wear bonnets and girls wear the pants! 'Little Betty and Rowantree Designs'

Boys in Bonnets

This is Rowan's favourite hat.  Made by 'Little Betty Designs'  Isn't it just too cute?  I couldn't resist buying it, and best of all he loves it.  It's his Saturday hat, firstly he wears it to Rozelle Markets, then to swimming lessons and then onto the park. 

If you are handy with the sewing machine you can purchase the pattern from the  'Little Betty'  Etsy store.  I couldn't wait to make one so I just purchased this beauty ready made. 

Girls wearing the pants!

The 'Rowan Rompers' were so popular in the smaller sizes and after being featured in Shop4kids I had lots of enquiries for size 2 and here they are in navy and white stripe. The design is definitely French inspired.  I love the clean lines and the simple trim, the larger modern buttons add a quirky touch for the older toddler.  It 's a lovely fresh outfit, really roomy for the hot summer days ahead. 

Love the classic roomy

Lara is so adorable, I can't believe when she first started to let me take pictures of her she was the same age as Rowan is now.

Available from Rowantree design in sizes 00 - 2  $55.00 
email me at for purchase enquiries.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fave Raves in Paris 'Fabric Shopping'

How can you not love shopping in Paris.  Paris, where everyone can find something they love, whether it's haute couture, flea markets, perfume, comic books, outdoor markets, or whatever.

Day one.  'Fabric and Creative Spaces'

In this city of haute couture, you can find designer fabrics by the meter in many posh stores in well-healed districts about town. But if you want a bargain, or just something edgy, you should go to the fabric markets.  I realised I needed an early start as I have arranged to meet the sailor for a appertif around   Note book full of research, addresses and a game plan I caught a taxi to Basillica Sacre Couer in Montmarte which is the highest point in Paris and one of the most easily recognised landmarks from many points in the city.  

Great photo opportunity.

How could I resist a few minutes gazing at this beautiful ornate French carousel.

From the Sacre Coeur I caught a electric car down to the Marche Saint Pierre where the largest textile market in Paris is located.  Shops that occupy old buildings on many streets and side streets.  Here you will find the good the bad and the very ugly, so I suggest you take a walk around and take note of the shops worthy of visiting.  I like Reine, I stuck to the ground floor for clothing fabrics.  A large range of Liberty Prints at below Sydney prices even considering the Euro.  Jersey's silks, brocades all at reasonable prices.  Next door at Les Coupons De Saint Pierre, I found some cotton florals and 100% cotton gingham's which are usually hard to find.  Most of the fabric is cut into two and three yard lengths.  Piles and Piles of it.  I must admit I really had to search hard to find the cotton floral prints that speak for Rowantree Design.

Now this one caught my eye, Moline Mercerie a large and interesting shop selling quilting fabrics yarns buttons and inspirational ideas for the crafty gals.  

 Flower adorned bicycles parked outside. Cute welcome!

Retail is detail and this shop certainly does this well

For something completely different take the metro to Chateau-Rouge, on the #4 line, just one stop past Barbes -- which can be used for the Marche St. Pierre. (I caught a cab) Find your way to rue Poulet (yes, chicken street) where you will find shops full of Dutch wax print fabrics famous from Senegal to Kenya.  The most delightful sight you will see here are the women dressed in their national dress, alas too shy to be photographed.

Ah... the one I have been longing to visit.  'la droguerie',  old shop/drugstore.  The decor of ancient musty smelling large wooden benches, glass fronted cabinets reaching to the heavens containing, large glass bottles over flowing with trinkets and treasures, buttons, bows, beads and pearls. A curiosity shop for talented fingers.  This store definately has a flair for making niche spectacular.  Creative inpiration, overload.  I have never bought yarn by the gram before and the service if you are prepared to wait is helpful beyond belief.  Who said the French were rude?

9 rue du jour Paris

Eye catching merchandising, you can stay browsing here for hours!

What did I buy?  Two pieces of vintage fabric, lama and alpaca yarn, vintage tassels, buttons and bows.  Considering the eye candy I saw today I think I did amazingly well!  Now off to meet the sailor for a refreshing drink!

La Palette.  My always favourite cafe in Paris, right smack in to middle of the artsy area.

43 Rue de Seine 
75006 Paris 

Ah there he is........

Please drop back because I can't wait to share the images of my favourite Children's boutiques.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Glorious Garden

Forgive me if I thought I woke up in the middle of an English garden, but I do believe I live here.  

Wow, this is what I have been waiting for Sydney blue sky and warm weather  and on a day like today I can really appreciate my lovely garden which is such an inspiration for me, the lush colours of the foliage the divine smell of the sweet peas and roses, not only do I get pleasure from it's beauty but I enjoy the digging, planting, pruning and trimming and when it looks like it does today I rush in and put the kettle on make a pot of tea and sit and admire it.  

I am writing this blog for a special friend of mine in the UK who is expecting a baby sweet pea of her own very soon.  I know you don't have a garden honey so please enjoy mine. xx

The first buds on the standard rose just bloomed today

Soft yellow clavias in the front circular garden

Cone shaped blooming Lily Pilly and my spiral Japanese Buxus.  Handsome don't you think?

And here little helper 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rowantree loves Children's spaces. 'Vintage eclectic'

I am always in wonder at beautiful rooms that are created for children.  Isn't this sublime?  This toddler size country style bed just melts my heart as does the blue keepsake box with the red ribbon.  A chandelier how romantic for a little princess.

 White on white with a splash of colour.  Don't you just love the vase of flowers on the stove top.  The reflection of the branch in the mirror looks enchanting.

Take me to Camelot on a horse fit for a princess.  Quirky retro wall art adds the eclectic touch.

If you have any gorgeous rooms to share, I'd love to know about them.

Images found on JJ Locations

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