Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday. Random Boy Stuff

I am just having a wonderful day in my studio, the never ending reorganizing of practically everything.  I can't say I have ever had a huge concentration span for doing the mundane but when it comes to being creative time just flies by, so somewhere in the middle of doing one thing I find myself making more mess doing twenty other things and the studio ends up looking like the circus came to town put up the big top and left without packing up!  

This handsome little outfit is very dapper.  Rowantree Design retro shirt and the Rowantree organics cotton knit collection, 'Unisex Moss Stitch Cardigan'.

And this little romper was featured in the latest Shop4Kids

R is for Rowan and this is his room...

and this is his cot with the Wall Sticker Company map of the world panel stickers

and this is is Rugby World Cup Footy Kit!


  1. Lovely blog. Great shop! Do you make everything yourself or have it made?

    I love the cardigan. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

    Happy blogtoberfest!!!

  2. thanks you for your comment. I make everthing myself sometimes I get help from my daughter. the cardigans are a treasure, they are made in a ethical factory in nepal from the softest 100 % organic cotton. I will have a selection of them on my new website which I hope to launch by the end of the month. I will be popping over to our shop for a pair of those cutesy bikinis for my best friends daughter!


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