Friday, August 5, 2011

In My Life. 'A Nautical Tale'

Part One - Not the Nautical Tale

Some very strange things were going on in my house early this morning.  3.30am power supply was going off and on, got up to investigate, dogs confused following me  and getting under my feet, turned things off, flicked the switch at power board, power came on.  I went back to bed, dogs went back to bed.  Power went off, i get up to investigate, dogs follow, turn things off ...........finally at 5.30am I am over it, I get up and turn my bedroom light on and BIG BANG!  Thankfully only half the house has no power and my computer is on the other side with the power so I make myself a nice cuppa tea and decide to write a blog.

Part Two - Still not quite the Nautical Tale

My friend Keith a photographer came over yesterday to help me set a a light studio to photograph my Rowantree collection.  Wow what you can learn in a day with some porfessional guidance.  It's the images that are holding up online shop, so I feel happy that I am half way sorted with the photography.  He also gave me a disc with his images of our boat christening.  So hence the Nautical Tale I would like to share our day.

Finally - The Nautical Tale.

Sun streaming down from a cloudless blue sky, illuminating our gorgeous Sydney Harbour some French fizz was excitingly poured over the bow of the new "InCahoots"

Lots' of Pics......

daughters arriving.......

white sole shoes a must on the new boat

Sheet, halyards and blocks

Pouring the fizz...and it's done. Just for the record we didn't plan the matching crew outfits.  

A meander over to the zoo and the boat is christened

Would this 'Herringbone' outfit been more in line?
For me...

For him....

Nautical favourites from Rowantree Designs Summer 2010 

Charlie wearing the 'Breezy Frill' in French Floral

Max wears classic shirt in navy Poka with red denim cargo pants

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