Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rowantree Designs 'Dressing the little tots for Santa'

Dressing Matilda and Rowan for their Christmas Santa photos was so such an exciting event.  Of course I wanted them both to be the best dressed little tots to sit upon the bearded man's knee.  I was thinking red's of course and when I came upon this luxurious red and white herringbone linen I was tickled red!  

A simple design for Matilda, my favourite Rowantree Design Sunday Dress, classic and very stylish!

For Rowan I designed a little man suit,  vintage inspried button up shorts and  classic five button shirt and of course what every distinguished gentleman wears a bowtie, of course!


  1. red and white herringbone linen-n.i.c.e! You got two seriously cute (and dapper) kids there! Speaking of great outfits for kids, claud and I literally just unwrapped your parcel-it's divine, fits perfectly, beautifully made, definatly birthday party outfit-thank you so much x

  2. Thank you Max! I am pleased you love it, and that the fit is good too. I love a pic if you have time to email me one. Enjoy the party

  3. gorgeous. mine both hysterically refused to sit on santa's knee this year. . .


  4. Thank you Lucy. We were expecting the worst as well!


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