Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Tamptation of Stylish Living...Suki Tam Artist and Author

I'm thinking this piece of fabric will be a very comfy pillow, a quilt or a pair of PJ'S or ...........

Sitting here on my worktable is the cutest piece of fabric which is designed by Suki Tam a very talented artist and writer.  I met Suki at Mathilda's Market at Paddington Town Hall a couple of weeks back.  I was strolling amongst the stalls looking out for that something special to catch my eye.  There is was a colourful display of fun, vibrant, quirky printed fabrics.  I was in heaven.

I love these.  All of them.  Which one will I take.  They are absolutely beautiful....I want them all!  The feel and quality of the fabric has my stamp of approval.

I want them now before Suki becomes famous.

I picked the Elephant design to bring home that day as you all know I am creating a space for Rowan in my house and my brief to myself is to make it colourful, interesting, fun and quirky. ( much like myself).  Every quiet moment I would head back to Suki's stall to chat a little more about her wonderful prints, drawings and her inspirations.  It so happens that Suki lives just around the corner so I won't be too far away when I need a textile fix.

Here is a glimpse of Suki's delightful products.

2011 Calenders

Cherry blossom print...soo dreamy

A travel journal just in time for my holiday

Whimsical little jottings throughout

Love this

Thank you Suki for gifting me one of your travel journals.  Check out Suki's online store at Etsy to buy any of her beautiful products.  

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