Monday, April 4, 2011

Colour, inspirational Sapa

Today, Monday it's the count down to my trip to Thailand. It's about writing lists and sub lists
List of maybe's.
List of clothes to pack
List of clothes not to pack (took last time and never wore)
Basically lists of things I don't want to forget. I think that is what a list actually is?  If somebody can help me with that notion, please feel free.
and then there is the list of what to take the children, books usually, colour pencils, writing pads, etc. 
Then all the clothes have to be relisted to accommodate the above.  
Thanks goodness for the sailor who never wants to take much in the way of clothing on holidays and lets me fill his bag.

I should be writing lists now, this minute,  instead of reading soul feeding blogs, but then I naughtily head over to my image files.  Just for inspiration I tell myself.
One place I will never forget is Sapa which lies in the very north west of Vietnam near the Chinese border and way up in the mountains.  Sapa is such a colourful town thanks to the H'mong and Dzao people from the local hill tribes who head into the town's market every day to trade their giftware, homewares, children's toys and clothing, produce and homewares.   

Love those purple wellies!

Hand embroided baby pouch..How about that for the crafties



More homewares


Ladies lunching

and favourite little warrior

That was a day to remember the colour's still dance in my mind. the people beautiful and inspiring.  The sailor was hugely patient whilst I stopped and chatted and made my many purchases which he happily carried back to the bus, several times.....
Later that night I heard the sailor commenting about the day.

"Yeah mate, Not bad,  Just like all those markets she loves to visit back home, a bit of craft stuff, some food, you know just a lot of little colourful treasures that keeps her happy!"

Now it's back to the lists.......


  1. Good trip and hope to see your picts! :)

  2. Thank you
    I lpeeked at your blog today. Although I can't read speak or read French, I loved your images. And that fabulous vintage fabric background....Thanks, I am going to enjoy taking pictures and publishig them to my blog

  3. OOOh I have been to Sapa too Roberta, it was amazing!!


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