Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three sleeps to go...What I love about Autumn in Sydney

And the list making continues........

What a brilliant Autumn day it was yesterday,  we decided to take Rowan for a walk in our beautiful inner city Centennial Park which is looking so lush and colourful after the rain.  My daughter Peta put this to me.
"Mum you love to make lists, so lets make a mental list of what we love about Autumn in Sydney....

Cool mornings and brilliant days like to day.
When you can see your breath
The colour of the light of day
Walking in the Park with you and Rowan ( that's not counted, for being too cheesy)
Slow cooking
Apples, Quinces for pies
Picnics, you can eat so much because it's cold

Peta ...   No Cricket

Me ... Ditto! no sailing (at least for a few weeks)

Thank goodness for Easter we get to eat chocolate
The Easter Show
Putting on a great pair of Sambag boots and throwing on my orange Sambag trench, stamping on crunchy leaves...
The Easter Racing Carnival and all those impressive fascinators and heels to die for
Being cosy in a comfy chair with a great book
Knitting and crocheting
Love going to the beach house and walking along the cold and windy beach collecting shells
Windy Oxford Street in Paddington, wind burn and a wine at the Paddo Inn
Rozelle produce market, coming home and making fresh pasta with mushroom ragout
Planting my bulbs in the garden in an anticipation of how amazing they will look in spring

Peta...Anzac day....Two Up

Me...Which pub?

Peta ... Definately the Court House in Newtown

Me .. No Excahnge in Balmain

And so the list went on and on and on

Peta ... If you love Autumn so much then why are you going to Thailand
Me ...I'll be back in time for Easter, my friend Chantal from Chantal Vincent Art  is doing something very special for me to give Rowan for his first Easter.

Peta...got one more
Cowboys and Indians
and as we walked back to the car we chatted about all those games we played in the big backyard the 
tee pees made of sheets the pretend horses, the forts.  One day we'll be making games for Rowan.  Yeah can't wait

Crisp cool days and the perfect clothes to play in!

Swishing around in the park 

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