Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank you

I can't remember the last time I opened the letter box, the real letter box that is, the one attached to the fence and pulled out a hand written envelop addressed to me in person.  In fact I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter or a card, addressed it, put a stamp on it and posted it.
To my surprise, when I arrived home last week, I had two such letters.  One from my dear friend Lucy thanking me for a dinner party and one from my daughter Peta, thanking me for planning Rowan's Christening.  I am happy to admit that my eyes filled with tears of joy and appreciation and gave me something to muse over this long weekend.  This week I will start a 'thank you' card collection buy a bundle of stamps and next time I want to say Thank you, I will enjoy a brisk walk to post box, smile at the passers by, and stop long enough smell the roses. 

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