Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess Who?

Some years ago when my daughters were developing their love of art and illustration, drawing tattoos on Barbie Dolls, decorating the walls with crayon murals, doing makeovers on the faces of super models on my woman's weekly's they also managed to deface every character on the family 'Guess Who' game.

Cleaning out the toy box one rainy holiday, we found the 'Guess Who' all in good working order except for the defaced character's.  Lauren, (2nd daughter) who was quick not to be reminded and reprimanded once again, piped up and told me she didn't like those people anyway, they were really scary and looked mean. That's when I got the idea to repair the game, and in doing this creating a holiday activity, that would not only be fun for the day but could be used again and again.

Firstly, we got the photograph box out and picked enough family pictures to place in each of the flaps of one board, then we made two copies of each picture and replaced them into the flaps.  
How exciting our very own family 'Guess Who'  The girls loved and cherished that game for years, changing the pictures several times over.

To my surprise when I was surfing the net for holiday activities I came across this picture on 'Pinterest'.

I can't wait to make one for Rowan

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