Friday, April 8, 2011

Come bark soon!

I woke up filled with anticipation and excitement this morning, I am very much looking forward to meeting new people and discovering arts, crafts and fabrics and bringing something special home to share with you.   We are packed and confident that we haven't left anything out.  Yeah! ready to enjoy 12 days living a different culture.

When I checked my email one last time, I read this very lovely email sent by one of my customers.  This has really made my day.  Thank you Kerrie!

Hi Roberta,
You probably won't remember me but I did an order with you about August or around then last year, for a Phoebe smock (size 1), a Bella dress and a Daisy smock dress, in size 2's. We lived in Adelaide then but have since moved to the Gold Coast.
I loved all the items but even though my daughter is quite tall the items have all been a bit big for her, until now. I popped the Phoebe smock, size 1 on her yesterday with jeans and it looked stunning...absolutely gorgeous!! Last week so got to wear the daisy dress /smock....also gorgeous! The fabrics are divine and the quality is exceptional. Everyone commented on her when I did the kindy run with my son in the Phoebe smock top.
So here I am back again just to see if you by chance anything similar and I was thrilled to see that you still stock some sizes, and on sale as well!
I am beside myself with happiness and can't wait to see the smock in blue also,
Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much we love the items and how excited and glad I am that you are still doing that style. Would love to know when your winter collection is online.
When I have some more time I will come back for another look at your sale items for next summer...too good to pass up!
Just in case the address didn't come out as one in QLD can you please let me know? 
Thanks again,
Kerrie :)

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