Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rowantree Designs 'This Is Big in New York city'

I am so very excited to tell you about my day, it was really big no it was HUGE.  I'd really like to jump to the really good bit first but then I want to share my day with you.

I was up early this morning, planning my outfit and thinking about the day ahead.  As you can see I put on the bathrobe, very luxurious, soft and fluffy etc, but man was it hot in there.  Do you wear the bathrobes in hotels.  I know somebody you knew somebody that stole one.  Ooww Waaaa!

I was a bit nervous this morning about my day and I had some wardrobe issues, well shoe issues, I forgot to pack a sensible pair of lucky I bought these, my old faves. Yes, that is one of the tops I bought yesterday.  I don't know why I chose to wear it today, I should have worn something by an Australian designer but if I told you I forgot will you forgive me.  

My day starts here at the ABC Home and this is ABC kitchen.  I am meeting with the buyers today to showcase my Rowantree collection, then we are doing a store tour and I get to discuss how best Rowantree could be merchandised in this very amazing emporium of gorgeous things.  

 ABC is all about detail, every thing in this store is styled with detail in mind.  The restaurant is minimalist decor, unassuming and filled with milky whites, creams and soft browns, just like a latte.  It's very eclectic and makes you feel as if you've just arrived at your favourite girlfriends house for lunch.

The restaurant is market to table.  We ate a delicious light lunch of a snap pea salad, spinach and goats cheese, wood fired pizza and handmade goats cheese ravioli with fresh tomato sauce...Delicious!  After lunch I moved around the restaurant and chatted to the locals......

This is Brooke with the radiant smile, no wonder she is smiling she has just picked up her  Jimmy Choo wedding shoes.  Brooke works in a PR, Marketing and Social Media agency for the food and hospitality industry with offices in New York City and Los Angeles.  Well done me, the best of NYC restaurants here I come. 

These lovely gals have all met in NYC for Sarah's (without bow) 40th birthday.  Sarah's three friends, Cari, with the pink bow, Sarah 2 with the blue bow and Amber with the white bow, flew in from Minneapolis and Chicago just to surprise Sarah today and I have an invite for the party!!!!!

ABC Kids

Rowantree Spring/Simmer 2012 

Shades of grey are very popular for NYC toddlers.

 "Oh No"! Said the Sailor  "You are not taking one of these home"!  Yes I am!  Guess which one?

 Looks like the the circus has lost an umbrella.

Quick pic,  Empire State Building

Quick pic, Street music

I can't believe I met up with this totally awesome lady today!!!!  Yayyyyyyy!  (I was wearing the Lucky Brand) This was one  big happy moment. Pamela a staple in the hip hop and R&B community is a mega mum, a builder of style (love it), fashionista to the catwalks, music videos and big brands.   I love her style, her savvy, her talk and most of all, Pamela, I love your honest energy.    Pamela was checking out fashion for her 'Hot Date Night Segment' for NBC production 'New York Live' and I was checking out the children's fashion!  
We both love children's fashion and we both have our own children's clothing collection.  Pamela was so frustrated she could not find clothes to outfit her son that represented a classic and unique style, no humdrum here ladies, and definitely no grunge allowed.

Wee men's stylish clothing.....

I forgot to pack a pair of shorts.   Pamela has left the building!!!!!  Will these do?


Tonight we ate at 'Miss Lily's' and it was the best Jamacian/Carribean food we have ever eaten and we sat next Whoopie Goldberg!  Does anybody do autographs anymore?

Tomorrow I will be joining a group of designers we will be  exhibiting at  the Brooklyn Flea showcasing children's vintage fashion, collectables and installations. I have a feeling we will be celebrating at Roberta's Pizza restaurant afterwards.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x


  1. Roberta, you make me laugh, that last shot:) LOVE reading about your trip. Never been but oh the damage I would do to that ABC store - LOVE. IT. ALL. Looks like it would be a perfect fit for Rowantree. You go girl!

    1. Hey there gir! What are you doing up so late! Get to bed!! xx

    2. Ha bloody ha it's me who should go to bed! I'm going now!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful day!!!

  3. It was and I can't wait for tomorrow!

  4. Oh the stars in your eyes are infectious. It sounds wonderful. Lapping this stuff up.

    1. Hi just reading your latest post re the twitter, so interesting! I have to get back to my tweeting now! See you soon!

  5. Hi Roberta, what a fabulous time your having, I'm enjoying your blog posts. I love New York to bits and I can't wait to visit again. Keep having a wonderful time.x

  6. This is one awesome trip you are having!!! Can it get any better???
    I want to go to NYC again and to all the super places you are hanging out at!

    1. Hi, the day was great but it was he bar hoping has made me a little weary this morning.

  7. Wow, you're really onto it... meetings at ABC, invites to parties, Pamela, Whoopie, and shorts over your jeans!
    I hope your meeting went really well. What an amazing opportunity!
    Can't wait for your next installment.

  8. Wow, fabulous pictures! I've been thinking lately about visiting NYC. You're certainly not making the desire to go there go away!

    Nice to blog meet you and look forward to learning more about you and your gorgeous designs.

  9. Love these photos - my sister is currently in the States and she's been posting awesome shots - between the two of you I'm incredibly jealous!!!

  10. Wow Roberta, you are having an amazing time. Great photos. I hope the meeting with ABC went well. What a gorgeous place.

  11. What a day!!! I almost feel as if I was along for the ride - which is great, especially as it's cold here and the flu is still running amok at our house! How did your meeting go? Looking forward to seeing what juicy finds you come up with in the next few days. :) Keep those photos coming!

  12. You are such a go-getter Roberta. ABC Kids! That's so amazing! Your pieces work beautifully with their merchandising of course. So when will you find out if they take the collection? x


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