Monday, July 9, 2012

In My Life 'Saturday in Brooklyn and Peeing in Public Toilets'

Top, Johnny Was. Jeans Lucky Brand vintage. Shoes, Michael Kors

The mercury reached over the 100's today and the streets of NYC were on fire.  You may ask why I am wearing my jeans out on a day when temperatures are set to soar, the answer is, after dressing in my new yellow shorts you saw me trying on over here , I realised the security tag was not removed, dang!  I contemplated wearing them with the tag but the tag was far to uncomfortable.

Street fair on Broadway  Each week a different location in the city hosts a street fair. 
We lost count after 452 stalls, selling arts and crafts, clothing and jewellery mostly cheap stuff from China. A few talented local artist selling prints etc but  I wouldn't put these street fairs on my list of things to do in NYC.  If you happen to be in the area, the fresh food and home made lemonade stands are delicious.

This is the Brooklyn flea held in Fort Green each Saturday.  It was soo hot, trying desperately to stay out of the sun and sipping lemonades in between trying to meet and chat to as many people as possible made for quite a long day. 

And here are a few of my totally Brooklyn friends I met yesterday, talented, fun and quirky

Claudia Pearson  I love the simplicity to her illustrations, bringing fruit and vegetable to a quirky life on paper and textiles.  I purchased the one to Claudia's right 
'The Brown Stones'  Typical Brooklyn architecture.  See Claudia's Blog here

This is Constant, born in Haite and raised in the US.  Constants' passion lies in working in building bridges between people of the US and the children of Haiti.  So in his spare time to relax and meet people on a Saturday Constant packs up his vintage lovliness and brings it to the Flea.  His collection of vintage sunglasses and handbags and shoes had my jaw on the ground.  Can't wait to show you what I bought here and the good news is, I am going to give one of my lovely readers one in my next giveaway.  Constant thought that this idea was very cute!

This is Dan and Dan basically packs up his parent's house each Saturday and brings it on down to the flea, well not quite like that, but read about him here.  Dan store is filled to the brim with retro toys and figurines.  You can imagine how much fun the sailor and I had choosing cool stuff for Rowan.  

After a long morning at the flea and unfortuntley too hot to walk around the eclectic Brooklyn we came to our favourite spot in Williamsburg , with the best beer garden in the hood.  Roberta's Pizza and Tiki Bar.  This is one place you have to put on your list when you visit New York, We were here last year and the place is as still hip happening as ever, in fact it's just gotten better.  We were given a tour of the bakery, rooftop greenhouse and new tastings restaurant, I can't believe how this once small pizza restaurant and has grown into a green and sustainable restaurant village, lucky us, we have been invited to our very own tastings evening, dining with the owners and chefs later this excited!  Roberta's has just got to be the coolest green reastaurant in NYC.

Over the last couple of days ,walking the walk and talking the talk in NYC I have learnt some pretty useless things, one of them is peeing in public toilets. I have a standard operating mode for peeing in public toilets (especially the ones at the sailing club)  I like to put lots of toilet paper in the bowl so it doesn't make a big splashing noise going into the bowl, then I kind of let it out slowly so I don't sound like I have a cow's bladder.  If I can, I try to wait until the cubicles are empty, standing outside monitoring who goes in and out, so I can find a slot when nobody else is in the toilets.  You might think this is weird but at least you can put this on the list of things you know about Roberta.

Well in New York City,  ladies just let it all out with a big splash and I have even heard one let out a sigh of relief.........HORROR, I gringed in disbelief and ran out the door as fast as I could, not even stopping to wash my hands, fumbling through my bag for my hand sanitiser.

Do you pee loud in public toilets!  Do you have a standard operating mode for peeing in pubic?


  1. whoa, those prints are so cool! I would love to have been strolling round that flea market with you guys it looks ace! I have no problem with sound effects in public toilets but i am always working on my 'how can i use the public toilet without touching anything' technique (elbows don't count!)x

    1. Hi Max I thought you might like those prints. x

  2. Constance sounds like a fascinating character! The kind of person I'd like to get to know. If you have any really strong magnets on you, your security tag will fall right off. As for public toilets... I like to hover.

  3. Wow thanks I have never heard of this hint. I really don't want to venture up town again as I will be busy his week. I'll ask th econcierge. Maybe you could mention this in a blog as it happens all he time.

  4. Oh how I love all your photos. Now as for the peeing in public toilets. I've never thought to pad with paper. Nice trick. My mom hums. She doesn't even know she is doing it. Quite embarrassing when I am done first and waiting for her by the sinks.

  5. Such a mum thing to do Jenny, thays makes me laugh.

  6. You would LOVE the public toilets in Japan! They often have a recording of a waterfall or tasteful music playing so that nobody hears any noises.

  7. Ha ha ha!! I just try to avoid as much contact as possible. Love the look of the prints too.

  8. I have been known to google for best public toilets when traveling. Standard mode has been squatting so no part touches the bowl and using apparently brilliant pelvic floor muscles to control 'flow' so as to ensure noise is not too loud. This is now a thing of the past as pelvic floor muscles post-child are in recovery, not that I would know as now trying to go to toilet with toddler, I am probably one of those women who sigh in relief as trying to go to toilet after getting pram through the door, dealing with toddler etc means the actual moment of weeing is indeed a moment of sweet sweet relief. I cover the loo in toilet paper tho'!


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