Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From My Attic......

In my last couple of posts I have mentioned the wonderful big white house that I grew up in.  There was not one room in our gorgeous old home that wasn't filled with trinkets and treasures, hand stitched patchworks, crochet and knitted throws, original artworks, and exotic rugs from the middle east. (told you they were an eccentric lot)  The furniture was over sized and quite unlike anything Brisbane folk had ever seen, not to mention the many stuffed birds, four legged friends and their horns and antlers peering down from the walls.   When I look back on having my friends from school visit me, I understand their early departure, was due to the fact that our home was something quite museum like in decor, a tad overwhelming, and probably a little spooky.  So getting back to the post......my mother, God bless her was very diligent in not only keeping family records, journals and photographs stored , she kept, boxes of fabrics, trims and buttons, (even my clothing) and most of the trinkets and treasures that were in our house. The fabric, trims and buttons I use for my Rowantree collection and the trinkets and treasures sit happily in a chest in my attic.  

Last month, in search of old photographs to use at the beach house, I came across a few special pieces from my bedroom which I just had to take out and have the pleasure of looking at for a while in my studio.

Hand crochet kitty kat bunting.

  Crochet by my Great Grand Mere' and hung above my cot 

Hand painted floral cotton bunting with pom poms

Hand painted by my mother and hung from my four poster bed, this is one panel.

I love the pom pom trim, it doesn't come on decorative cotton band like this anymore.

Cheeky chipmunk book ends
I always loved these cheery guys...... I took them to boarding school with me and they happily shared my room with posers  of Cat Stevens, Neil Young, and Van Morrison.  

Over the next couple of months I will be photographing trinkets and treasures from my attic and will add a new category to my online shop 'From the Attic' so if here is anything you are interested in drop me an email.  

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