Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Fibro Beach Shack, 'The Bathroom'

Step this way to the bathroom...........

I replaced the door with this door, ( a long story about the floor levels being raised after the tiling and me planning the door down a tad too much, because the use of big boy power tools really is fun).  The door is actually a front door but how retro does it look.  I haven't painted  as yet as I was thinking of painting it the colour of the prima that it is.  

The bathroom is tight, therefore I needed to keep the fixtures functional,using less area, to give an illusion of spaciousness. The pedestal basin worked very well as did the retro inspired bevelled mirror.
Storage for cosmetics and personal care items is a small problem but a trip to Ikea and Freedom will have it sorted. I just need to live in the space for a few days and work out what where storage is needed.

The colour is a Resene paint 'Onepoto' it's a very fresh turquoise colour, I wouldn't use it at home but for the beach house it had the beachy retro feel I wanted.  The shower screen I bought as a flat pack and it was relatively easy to install, with a few screws drilling it to the floor and wall and then loads of silicone sealer, a trip to the Nail Spa and presto!    I spy a Tiki.  

The bathroom wasn't quite big enough for me to get a better photograph of this happy little Tui Bird wall sticker.  I won this fabulous little bit of Kiwiana over at the lovely Juliet's blog Tartankiwi.  I was so excited when I won this giveaway, I new this quirky and brightly designed wall sticker would have a very special place to live one day, and I can't think of anywhere more special then the fibro bach!  Pop on over and visit Stickytikis you'll love the many quirky and fun designed wall stickers as much as I do.  


One question......After a few visits to the bathroom, I feel the door should be painted white to create the illusion of space.  I love the colour as it is (Dulux, Emerald Haze)  I love how the outside of the door jumps out next to the orange and pink stripe.  Is it too Much?
Should I paint the inside white and the outside Emerald Haze?

This week I'm thinking of a rug for the lounge floor......I was thinking an animal skin!


  1. I think the door color is really fab...still love the fact that this is your weekender (your decor choices are my idea of everyday heaven!!!)
    I usually embrace color like crazy but the color of the walls in the bathroom even has me drawing breath:)
    You so need to post some shots of your week-day house so we can see the contrast!

    1. Thank you Libby! I'll take note of that and take some pictures of my inner west home when the house is tidy....(which is rare) x

  2. Fantastic Roberta, love it's new look. I adore that mirror. I think I would paint the door white. But then that's me, and I'm not as bold as you are with colour. But I love the blue walls.

  3. How beautiful and love those sneaky little kiwi touches!

  4. dude, I'm so glad you are considering keeping the door that colour! I LOVE IT! It looks great with the orange! ! Would paint the inside white though- it's nice for bathrooms to feel simple and calming!

    I'll have to pop down and bring your pressie!

    xo em

  5. Looks AMAZING! The colours, the fixtures and all your wee touches- oh and not to forget that AWESOME door! I just love your style.
    The wee tui looks right at home there, but the great thing is if he wants to stretch his wings and fly to another wall he can do it with no worries about whether or not he'll stick.

  6. It looks amazing, love how you introduce such color and it works! Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  7. Love the bright colours, so perfect for a retro beach house! x

  8. I love the door in its primed green (perfect 50's colour)
    I think you might be disappointed if you painted it white. Paint the inside white if you have to, but the green looks awesome next to the orange (in my hunble opinion) so I reckon you should keep it.

  9. keeeeeep the turquoise next to the orange!!!

  10. Hello! Thank you for introducing me to your land. Your house is gorgeous! So light and spacious looking. Love the colours. Good choice! Andrea x

  11. Oooh! What a lovely change! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx


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