Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rowantree Designs 'Meet Audrey' It's all about Navy

I love navy blue children's clothing. It's strong, charismatic and ever so stylish.  Navy is nautical (just thought I'd throw that in) and I can't imagine a wardrobe without basic navy blue staples.  It makes perfect sense to me that when Mr Levi decided to make denim it had to be navy blue.......... it simply goes with everything, can be dressed up and dressed down.  If you've been following my blog for a while you'll notice that Rowan wears navy or a shade of blue most days, okay it matches his blue eyes, but whatever a child's colouring, they look positively smashing in navy blue.

Here is Audrey, she isn't quite finished yet, but I already know that you are going to love her.  The fabric had been in my Grand Mere's camphor chest for years, ever since the days when I lived in the big Queenslander.  There were two large pieces in this print, this, which is by far my favourite and a mauve  piece which I think will be perfect for a summer smock.  The fabric is amazing, it actually has texture and a beautiful sheen.  You just can't buy fabric like it these days.  Back to Audrey, I will trim the yoke with this navy ric rac, and today I was busy dyeing vintage buttons deep blue for the button up back.  The camera was a birthday present from my mum for our trip to Melbourne on the Greyhound bus, I remember taking pictures out of the bus window..........just twelve blurry pictures, that my mum lovingly sticky taped them to the lounge room wall. (I did wonder why)

Here is a close up of the gorgeous vintage floral, the cotton weave is lovely and dense, which gives the fabric so much character.  I'll post Audrey's picture when she is ready for my online shop.


  1. I love navy too Roberta! The majority of Pip's wardrobe is blue & a pretty blue floral just makes me melt... if you make the gorgeous Audrey in a size 0, I will definitely buy one. Your winter collection is just divine!!

  2. Navy is the most wonderful of colours. My boys look great in navy. X

  3. I will have a peek into my studio, I'm sure I have a piece left. Ill let you know. It is really gorgeous. Thank you hon, you always say such lovely things about the collection.

  4. Lovely colour! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  5. This is beautiful Roberta, I love Navy too! x

    1. Thank you Jody. It s a very handsome colour. I love to wear it too!

  6. Beautiful fabric and I love kids of all flavours in navy!

  7. I love navy for girls, its actually my colour of choice when buying for
    my little one. This dress is beautiful!. Monika


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