Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fibro Beach Shack 'Capiz Chandeliers'.

I hear my mother (Liz) spooking me daily......"Roberta, where are you going to put the Capiz Chandelier?"  Oh, how she loved the translucent colour and the melodic clinking they made when the cool breeze lifted up from the river in the late afternoon.  I grew up in a magnificent stark white Queenslander overlooking the Brisbane river.  A large ornate verandah wrapped around three sides of the house, furnished with exquisite settings of painted cane outdoor furniture.  Large potted palms with over hanging capiz chandeliers created cool and peaceful nooks for the adults to sit and sip on tall, exotic cocktails, whilst listening to jazz music grooving from the record player.  I can say there was nothing conventional about my family, being of French decent, they were well known for being rather eccentric.  My father a famous jazz musician  tragically died when I was three weeks old, he never actually left the house, because everybody continued to talked to him as if he never left!  (How very confusing for a five year old) My Grand Mere and Papa lived with us, my Great Aunt, Aunts and cousins we all lived crazily, happy together in the big white Queenslander.  

That's it, a capiz chandelier will hang at the fibro shack, and every time it clinks I will smile and think of my out of this world, extremely talented and creative, way ahead of her time, mother, Liz.

Love the blue duck egg walls, bright bed linen and the surfboard.

Very coastal, much too clean for me.  The chandelier is very lush indeed.

I have seen this done before, adding string of cut out colour to the chandelier.

In the children's room, how very sweet indeed. Loving the little floral fold up table.  

I spy an anchor and a fish..but who is that man!

Romantic.  Spy the vintage wallpaper.

Love these on trend colour blocking shades of peach, pink and cream.

What do you think?  Where should I hang the Capiz Chandy?  Bedroom, hallway, lounge??????


  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment on my office, the bookcases starting going gold today but the low temps are making it slow going.

    I love capiz chandeliers but my husband insists they remind him too much Hawaii in the 70's (like that's a bad thing??) Have you seen this one? I saw the ceiling mount version at a local lighting place and have been absolutely smitten with it ever since. I even convinced a client to use the bath wall light in her powder room. The unique color champagne color of the finish and the sparkle of the crystals is TDF.


  2. The phrase 'capiz chandelier' means nothing to me and yet I've definatly seen one of those before, i suspect in the 70's in my globe trotting aunts house. I like the long, very white ones, they put me in mind of the translucent seed pods on those plants called 'honesty'.
    What an interesting sounding family/upbringing you had, though how sad not to have known your father in person. did your mother come out to Australia to be with him?

  3. I'd say bedroom. They are so romantic looking. I love the massive white ones! xx

  4. I'm with Dora, the bedroom. I've never heard of them either, but they remind me of an elaborate necklace I bought in New Zealand. Cascading overlapping blue shell circles, I'm never sure when I should wear it.


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