Monday, April 23, 2012

The Fibro Beach Shack Renovation 'Two Fabulous Chairs, The Inspiration'

Ask me about the lounge room, it all started here!

Long before the bach was officially mine, I had a vision of two chairs retro/vintage/bamboo, they had to be striking. they had to make a statement and they had to sit proudly, and invitingly comfy in the lounge room looking out to the deck and back garden.  I knew it would be a task, I'd have to visit all my favourite haunts, regularly, watch ebay and gum tree and perhaps do the rounds of the garage sales.
Then early one morning reading my favourite blogs, I could not believe my eyes, it was like abracadabra.......
here they were, proudly sitting in the gorgeous space staring back at me, I let out a little 'yahoo' and excitedly showed the sailor, and together we were so surprised.  Fingers crossed these chairs could be ours.  I emailed Lisa immediately telling her these were my chairs and pleeeeease don't sell them to anyone else.  

So here they are.  Don't they look grand.  The next piece of furniture I purchased was the tripod floor lamp (oops it has still got it's price tag on) with the amazing shade.  I loved it so much, I had to make it work.  I decided on getting a custom made lounge to work with the lamp shade and armchairs.  The fabric is from Warwick Upholstery and Design, (Annais Tangelo). I love the tropical feel. and the shapes of the leaves complement the leaves in the shade.   I covered the chair cushions with the same orange fabric I used for the base of the couch, the fabric is a good all round durable weave and will wear well.  The couch is 1.9 metres long and extra width in the seat....very comfy to throw your legs onto and have a bit of a read.

The Danish design retro coffee table I purchased off ebay, after many a tough bidding war I finally won this piece.  Ebay is not my preferred buying style, man those bidding wars are way to stressful for me, instead I opt to shops around the auction houses and second hand furntiure stores.  If you are after a piece of retro danish style furniture, Regent Street in Redfern, Sydney is a great start for you to get a feel for the style and quality.  So far the room is looking just about how I imagined it, the floors complement the furniture and all the pieces create a funky but homely space to relax.  

Over the weekend..............

Here are a few bits and pieces I purchased during the week, a West German ceramic, love the colours and design, a gold soda bottle a $10 bargain, a caramel coloured brandy balloon and this lamp (Ikea) which hasn't found a home as yet.....

 This totally fabulous crochet rug.  Don't you just love those colours.....I gave it a big cuddle then started to sneeze violently, my eyes got very itchy and turned into red golf hair, the rug has been furrked (a word I discovered meaning something that has cat hair all over it).  Can anybody give me a solution for removing the hair, it's kinda in the stuck to the wool.  In the meantime, it's off the the dry cleaners.

Here are the bit's and pieces, and the rug which will find a suitable place to live once unfurrked.

I did have a bit of a sleep in on Saturday morning, reading this book and thinking about this colour for the bathroom door.  Hmm if Jane Maas thinks she has the inside scoop of working in advertising in the 60's, perhaps I should write about the 80's before Mr Keating put a stop to free lunches or should I say liasons?..........

 Here is my boy, wearing his shorts from his resort collection....trains are his latest thing.

Rowan loves sitting and climbing onto the Jamie Drury Adirondack chair.  One word of advice if you buy these, they are advertised as white but they are an oyster white which is very grey.....more painting.

I have loved doing this makeover, we have put in many a weekend, working away, listening to music and having a few laughs and a few bevvies.  I love it all so far and can't wait to show you the bedrooms when I get a little more decor in them.  I was thinking I'd love to throw open the doors and invite you all over, turn up the music, have a tropical cocktails and a bit of a dance......Don't laugh when I;m finished I'm putting it out there.  


  1. It looks amazing, you certainly have the magic touch. Can't wait to see your house in the pages of real-living or inside out x

  2. Thank you my dear and I hope to fashioning one of your gorgeous frock for the occassion!

  3. The chairs are fabulous, as is the sideboard and the coffee table! It's all fabulous actually!!! x

  4. I'm in love with your lamp! Madly! And that wee boy just gets cuter. And pom pom trimmed shorts, COOL!

  5. My goodness I don't think there's a single thing in that room I don't love.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog!! Your son is absolutely adorable!

  7. Oh I'm so excited to see my/your chairs looking so happy in their new home! Everything is fab. And Rowan is gorgeous in his pom poms.

  8. Roberta I've been trying to get here to comment to tell you how much I adore this room and all your lovely retro finds. I've not seen anything like those arm chairs but they're divine and suit your Bach so well. The coffee table and lamp are just perfect. You must be so happy with this space. I too dislike bidding on eBay as normally I fall in love with a piece at 1st sight and can't bear the thought of someone else having it. I prefer buy it now if the price is right. Or even better a few of my favourite sellers started emailing me if they knew what I was after and so I could skip the whole bidding bit. Nearly all of our furniture at the hut came from Melbourne and were bargains even with the freight. I love that it makes our new hut feel a bit older.

  9. The bach is looking fantastic. Love the chairs and couch.

    I'd try short bursts in a tumble dryer on the lowest heat to get rid of the cat hair, maybe spray with a little water first so it doesn't get too hot.

  10. Your shack looks gorgeous Roberta - I love how you have decorated the interior. The fabrics you're choosing are lovely - so rich in colour and great prints.


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