Monday, April 2, 2012

The Fibro Beach Shack 'The dining Table, The Pineapples and The Bold Stripe'

Ta...da....!  this is the dining room, exactly as I had pictured it the very first time I inspected the house.  Very white and very fresh, I love the yellow it's such a happy colour.  It's a fun look , I purposely mixed up the furniture styles to give it that beach house feel. I can't believe it ever looked like this

I'm really thrilled with the pineapple prints I purchased at Chelsea Flee when I was in New York last year.  Five dollars for both.  I chose to frame them in a box style frame which rally gave them the retro feel I wanted.

Hibiscus from the back garden, just looking at these tropical flowers makes me feel like I'm on holiday.

My Saturday job was to paint a large one metre stripe and a 15 cm stripe on the wall that faces the front door.  I don't know what it is about men, the sailor was a nervous Nellie.  Firing questions at me.  How will you get the lines straight, will the pain bleed, etc etc.  Then when he saw the colour of the paint, he went very red and jokingly told me "This might just get you eliminated" Ha, ha!  I had a job to do and I just had to focus, cross my fingers and get on with it!

Now for the paint!
Resene Chilean Fire for the big stripe and Resene Knock Out for the small stripe.  These colours match the colours of the vintage poster I will hang here.  If you are planning to paint a feature you just can't be afraid of colour, get it on and and live with it for a few days if you really hate it, paint over it.

It was so hard to get it perfectly straight as the walls are bowed but as far as the eye can see it's pretty good.  There is a little bit of colour bleeding but nothing that a bottle of white out won't fix.
My old university rowing oars look fantastic, I'm so happy that I have kept them all these years.  The buffet is looking a little lonely over there against the large white wall.  The lounge room is still a work in progress.

An old cane mirror I purchased from a garage sale years ago has finally found a home at the beach.  This is the front entrance.  Native Kiwi fauna ceramic plaques.  

I am so happy with what we achieved in the house this weekend, not to mention that we filled a six cubic dump bin with all the overgrown weeds,  bamboo and building debris cleared from the the back garden.  We had some stupid arguments about really dumb things, we rolled around the floor laughing at ourselves, we listened to old music, drank some beers and made plans.  When I left the house yesterday, leaving the sailor behind to start the carport today, I left with a this awesome feeling, I got half way up the hill and turned around and drove back, I raced around the back deck where I had left him  gave him the hugest hug, I looked into his eyes and told him how much I loved  him, we held hands for a bit not saying a word, just looking at what we had achieved together this weekend.
 Enough of that ladeda...So what do you think so far.   Your comments mean so much to me, can;t wait to read them.


  1. Roberta - It is looking fan.tastic! I love, love, love the dining room.

    As for the strips, good on you! I'm contemplating doing the same in my son's new room, and you may just have given me the confidence I need!!


  2. Sounds fabulous Roberta, what a great weekend. I love your yellow chairs. xx

  3. WOW!

    The yellow is incredible!

    Is there nothing you can't do?! :)

  4. Love it Roberta. The yellow chairs, pineapple prints, stripey wall, kiwiana etc, etc ETC!

  5. Hi Roberta,
    It is looking great


  6. This might be your holiday house but I'd be happy to live there permanently! Love everything and am sooooo impressed :)

  7. It is looking fabulous! I LOVE the dining room. The pineapples are so 'happy' and the furniture is wonderful. You are one clever lady.

  8. Roberta, I love it, the yellow highlights are perfect. I particularly like the yellow vase on the dresser. The colours on the wall are gorgeous too, and I love the look around the corner to the retro dresser and that oar.
    Love that story about driving back to the sailor, it is important to be thankful and proud of all you've achieved with the Bach.

  9. No wonder you're happy with what you achieved! It looks amazing... well done!

  10. I have to echo everyone else and say "I LOVE it!". You've done such a great job. And I your love story wit the sailor is so sweet :)
    x Lisa

  11. that is such a happy place, it's just beaming! Whilst I love the colour blocked stripes I got most excited over the thin blue stripes thinking "wow they look soooo cooool"!!! Now i can't wear mariniere's anymore (once upon a time they were my uniform) I go mad for navy on white stripes where ever I can get them. So it was just tape right?!!

  12. That table is AMAZING.. love the yellow chairs too ;)

  13. Hi Roberta, did you paint those chairs yellow? If you did, I'm wondering (if you don't mind sharing...) what colour you used? Thanks in anticipation...


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