Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Bach 'Who's Afraid of the Dark'

Sunday evening  and I have just shared a Scarfo's Pizza with the poodles  (my really favourite pizza, taste like old style, not gourmet or wood fired, one you are quite happily intend to feel like a pig for a while pizza)  The sailor stayed up at the bach tonight to get an early start on the carport tomorrow.  God love him,  I would have easily been persuaded to stay up for the night, we could headed down to the beach for  a swim, sat on the half finished deck and sucked a few beers listening to the whip birds whipping away.....Monday I look after my Rowan and I wouldn't miss that in a heart beat.

This is our back garden we discovered on Saturday, after we took to the whipper snipper and a kiwi bush knife and hacked our way through three metres of bamboo down to the creek.  Man that was a huge effort.  
So here we are, our first night staying at the bach.  The romantic setting I had pictured, candles, music and a bottle of French bubbles seemed a million miles off, we were so tired, speechless and physically exhausted. The bathroom inside the bach is not complete and we are using the outside laundry (quite disgusting, old toilet, 50's shower recess, heaps of spiders and recently the home of an ancient possum) as our toilet and bathroom.  It's okay during the day to pop into and have a quick wee and run out  again.... but I hadn't given a thought to the night........The sailor had mentioned a running, hopping thing he had seen that scooted across the garden at night, the neighbour told me to be  aware of the snakes and there are those possums that used to live in the laundry.....

It was getting to that time, time to go to bed and I had enjoyed a couple of well earned beers......
"Hon, can you just keep an eye out while I go to the loo?  
"Hon, I think I'd better go to the loo again before we turn off the lights"
"Hon, what will I do if I wake in the middle of the night and need to go to the loo"
"Hon, are you awake?  Hon, your snoring, I can't sleep"
Finally I went to sleep........THEN,  I woke, I really needed to go, I tried to ignore it, I tossed and I turned,  I thought about the running hopping thing, the snake and the possum, I really needed to go bad,
the sailor was snoring so loudly.......I nudged him gently, please wake, I made a fuss about throwing the sheets off and getting out of bed, he is still snoring.  I did the cross legged dance out to the sliding doors, all I could see was DARKNESS.  I did the cross legged dance faster back to the bedroom and yelled....I HAVE TO WEE!!!!
The sailor woke, stumbled out of bed and lead me out into the darkness, stood outside the door and listened to me tinkle.  I pulled up my pj's  and ran like HELL.........over the dew laden grass, up and over the deck, through the sliding doors, leaped into bed and pulled up the covers......

I am officially scared of the dark!

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