Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Beach Bach 'Exterior Colours'

It's been a particularly long day, I scraped off all the bad peeling paint and scrubbed the house down with concentrate chlorine to get rid of the mould, then I let loose with the water blaster, a super cool adult water blaster. Yeahhhh take that house, that was the cool part.  Being serious now, I can't decide on a colour and I will be honest there has been tears, teats today, tears on the way home.  The bach looks like Elmer the Elephant at the moment,  I have painted so many patches of colour, it's not funny.
I think I am over thinking the colour process.  I should run with my first colour, no that was orange.  I should run with my second choice, lime, yellow, and definitely not with the third choice, which I might add isn't mine,  turquoise.

How do these guys get it right, I love all of these images.  what do you think?


  1. Oh you poor love! Renovating can be fun but it is always guaranteed to have some tears. Why don't you paint only the front of your bach. Then get in your car, go to the shops, cafe etc for a minimum of 2 hours. Come home and drive up to your bach - you'll instantly know whether you love the colour or not. Our beach house neighbours used to paint their house a different colour every year. One year they even ran a lottery for the neighbours to pick the colour. It was pure awesomeness...just as yours will be!

  2. I quite like the mauve colour that is part of your header. That and white would look beautiful. xx

  3. Duck egg blue- my favorite! xx

  4. Oh I know that feeling. Building/renovating can be quite emotional! Lime Yellow sounds perfect to me! Hope you get some time to relax today.


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