Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Bach 'A Catch Up'

YaaaHoooo!  I have finally decided on my colour for the bach, if you have just stopped by, you can read about it here , before I got started on the make over.  I have almost driven myself and those around me crazy.  Firstly I was so adamant I wanted to paint the house orange, then it was going to be turquoise (not my favourite) and then I thought about yellow which turned into lime, so a yellowy lime colour it was, there are just so many shades of colours and full strengths, half strengths etc. etc. and so many brands of paint.   I love using Resene paints because of the high quality tints they use, especially Resene  exterior colours which look great for years.  So this is it 'Manz'  What do you think?

Bathroom looks great!

I love these new 'floor board' look tiles, they have a beachy feel and are have a great surface, lovely to stand on and no slip which is perfect for little ones.  

I chose plain white glossy 600 x 300 wall tiles and laid them horizontally to give the small room depth instead of height, as the ceilings are quite high.  A huge improvement on this.  I wanted the bathroom to have a clean and modern feel, a good bathroom always makes you feel squeaky clean and fresh. ( I do have a little twist up my sleeve.......

I love my choice of the yellow and white tiles they have added a touch of fiesta to the very unstylish kitchen.  Before

The new doors look amazing, totally opens up the living areas with a great flow to the deck and back garden.

New doors from the outside. I am spray painting the existing yellow aluminium window frames white, the job is relatively easy, a bit of prep work involved but low cost for a big impact finish. 
There is a cloud of doubt hanging over the bach make over being complete for the Easter holidays.  The job has been hampered with rain from the word go, the 5th February was the day we got started and we have had rain for part of every week since.
This week I hope to complete the inside painting, the deck and start the new carport and side picket fence.


  1. WOW! Looking fantastic! I am imaging a fabulous Autumn escape on the agenda. Where and when can i book your gorgeous Bach?

  2. I love the colour! I have been googling acid yellow all morning thinking about painting some of my furntiture... You have fabulous style. bec x

  3. It's looking great already. I do love that yellow and can't wait to see it in its full glory.

  4. It's looking so good!! The yellow tiles are magnificent!!

  5. Love the new colour and those kitchen tiles look amazing - so fresh and modern. Can't wait to see more!


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