Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Bach 'Taking a Look at a Juicy Trend'

The pineapple, the Princess of fruits, the very symbol of hospitality.  With it's bold good looks, the pineapple is indeed an inspiration in decorating concepts and designs.  

Let the sun shine in!  Remember my kitchen inspiration post, I mentioned I wanted to stencil a wall or the dining table, what do you think of this?  

Ice cream a licious
Love this scrumptious cushion,  the white background and pom poms makes me think of a pineapple sundae. here

Hula ba lula

This is gold, found it on ebay

Spotted this beauty here

How very Key West indeed

Found here

Way too cool
from here

Happy hour!

The pineapple of my eye

I just could not resist making up a 'Beach Collection'  for Rowan to accompany me to the Bach.  He's the coolest little dude when we hang out at the cafe and in the park.  

Rowan is wearing the gadabout pant in sailboat print and a new shirt I naming the 'Clooney' shirt.
 Can you guess why?


  1. LOVE the pineapple cushion! xx

  2. I adore that table stencil idea--forwarding it to a friend!

  3. What a cutie Rowan is! And I love the little sailboat pants and blue shirt on him. Very cute.


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