Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rowantree 'Pinterest'

Pinterest a window into all the things that inspire us every day!  

Just lately my Pinterest boards have been going off big time, I must get at least 20 repin emails a day.  I love the fact that there are lots of people loving my boards.  I started my Pinterest Boards over a year ago, I was absolutely obsessed with pinning images that inspire my creative self, images that I can look at when I am renovating my house, images of beautiful events when I am planning an event of my own, images of drop dead gorgeous houses, clothing and holiday destinations that I can only dream about. Pinterest boards are a window into all the things that inspire us every day.   Do you create beautiful things  to sell in your online shop? If the answer is yes pop on over here, Steph Bond-Hutkin of the gorgeous, all about Aussie design, Bondville blog has written a short and very informative article on using Pinterest to promote your business.  Are you pinning?  If so pop on over to my Pinterest Boards and have a look see what's inspiring me.

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  1. Hello Roberta, wonderful to visit your lovely blog and thank you for visiting my way via Hazel's. I am yet to fully explore Pinterest and your post has inspired me to get a wriggle on :)


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