Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday Outfits and Blogtoberfest

It seems I wasn't the only person getting dressed up to go out yesterday.... As you can see I didn't do the boots, I thought these little ankle boots I bought in Paris added a bit of funkiness to the outfit.  

When any of the girls in my family go out it's a rule to text an image of the outfit, just to get the heads up!  Whilst I was busy getting my outfit together I got this text image of my youngest daughter Alexandra wearing her Park Life Music Festival outfit (I don't think she'll be too pleased about this pic on my blog, considering she hadn't quite finished with her look) .  Don't know if I can get my head around the pink Doc Martins, but then again with a lot of stomping around dancing in the mud, I get it.  (bet there not pink today)

Look at these cuties they were snapped at the Norton Street, Leichhardt yesterday wearing Rowantree Designs.  Lara is wearing the Alexandra Pinnafore, and the twins Isobel and Charlotte are wearing the layered Hannah skirt from the Let's Play collection.  Ashley is wearing her own ensemble layering blue floral, peasent style.

Blogtoberfest Day Two and I have already met a new blog pal Georgy G Design.  I loved reading Georgy's blog 'Shoes and Bags, where to put them'  I think we all have that probem.  I know I do!


  1. WOW! I love to see what other folks are wearing! I'm big on STYLE over FASHION and I think your outfit is AWESOME! Love those boots - wish I could find a pair in the US!

    Do you check out The Sartorialist?

    PS: thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Gorgeous outfits. I especially love your outfit in the first photo. So stylish.


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