Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Spanish Dress #12

When I first saw this pattern by Debbie Bliss,  'The Spanish Dress'  (I am still confused as to how this classic little smock was named) I knew I had to behold it.  I adore the combination of the Liberty fabric with the knitted bodice.  A new take on a classic summer smock dress.
Problem was, my knitting was not quite up to scratch to attempt the many stitches that make the detailed bodice of the dress so yummy.  
My dearest friend, Simonetta  and nonna to our princess Matilda is a great knitter, I knew she would knit this for her darling girl and I would get to sew the skirt to the bodice.  Matilda is such a pink girl, I chose this  blush colour 013 in the Debie Bliss Eco Baby cotton. Follow the link, you can buy the cotton and the pattern book on line from Delamores.  The Liberty fabric I chose was Mirrabelle, I liked the freshness of the print. .  If you live in Sydney there are quite a few shops to purchase Liberty fabrics, such as Tessuti's in Sydney, Calico and Ivy in Balmain or you can easily buy Liberty fabric online from many sites.  

Isn't this divine.  Sweet and Simple.

I love this shared best friends Nona and Nana 'Spanish Dress' project, I eagerly awaited Simonetta to finish the knitting so I could do the easy part, attach the skirt.  Now it's finished and we are so proud of it and can't wait for her to wear it and treasure it forever.

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  1. Wow! That is gorgeous and so special that its made by the two of you.

  2. Oh My Goddness Roberta! Thank goodness you have someone to knit the detail... It came together beautifully... I wonder about the name too? Maybe they crocheted in Spain? hehehe...

    Xo Steph

  3. Knitted...sorry... I am crocheting as I type lol...


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