Friday, October 14, 2011

Sailing Croatia 'Korcula' #13

Last month the sailor and I headed over to Croatia to sail the Dalmation Coast with four adventurous friends, having sailed a lot of waters around the globe in my time I would have to admit that this was one of my favourite sailing destinations in the world.  The Adriatic Sea is a blue and crystal clear  like I have never seen before.  The historic towns, and the beautiful, generous friendly people make this a wonderful  holiday destination.

So here we are in Korcula, like a mini Dubrovnik, a walled town on the Korcula Island, surrounded by the most beautiful beaches of the Dalmatian coast.  Steeped in history, the city is a snakes and ladders of marble lane ways, housing, quaint homes, churches, unique little tourist shops and restaurants.

First glimpse

City wall

Just stepped off the boat and having a sit with my mate Pete.  Wallet in hand ready to explore.

Every town in Croatia along the Coast and inland has a fresh food market open daily.  Expect to find plump red tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, aubergines, herbs, fresh made cheeses eggs and lots lots more.

Found a restaurant...and wine, always wine in Croatia

This had to be a sign.  Keep this in mind for merchandising inspiration.

Found it!

When in Croatia, this wine is very delicious, close to a savignon blanc.

And then after a wonderful lunch of mussels, sword fish and a little too much of this, we dreamed of buying this renovaters delight, around 800,000 AUD.  

Dream on... back to the boat!

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