Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Scarf Top. It Goes Around And Around And Around #23

Good morning, such grey weather today in Sydney but you wouldn't think so in this picture taken outside my house this morning.  Well the reason for this picture is all about the 'Scarf Top'.  You wouldn't call this scarf top Haute Couture but you could call it Haute Bo ho I suppose.  I  purchased this top in Auckland maybe five years ago.  I didn't design or make it, so I feel it has some real cred to it.  It must have been the paisley print that did it for me.  
So what about the style?  It's a great way to jazz up and make a tee look a little flirtatious.  It's a wearable accessory, nice drape neck which softens the hard edge of the tee.  
 It's one of those pieces that hangs around in your wardrobe until you are tired of it and then you palm it off onto somebody else singing it's fashionable virtues.  

 Well I did just that, I sang it's glory right into my daughter Lauren's wardrobe where it happily stayed for quite some time.

 Until recently I found it in the wardrobe in the guest bedroom.  Well it didn't get there itself.  So today I picked it out of the wardrobe and thought I would give it a turn in the wardrobe of my friend Lyndal, it's definitely her colour and she does wear lots of tee and jeans.  Perfect I'll drop it over later.  In the meantime I'll just give it a spin around the house.  What happened next nearly altered the fate of the scarf top moving over to Lyndals.
"Wow you look great this morning, I love that top"  said the Sailor.
Why is it when you want my man to give me the eye when I'm wearing  wearing something REALLY great he gives it to you when I'm wearing the scarf top.  

MY DILEMMA........should it stay or should it go now?  



  1. Stay... a little while longer at least :-)

  2. Yeah! Just a little bit longer until I sing it over to Lyndal's wardrobe.

  3. Well, if you know Roberta, things move fast as she doesn't procrastinate for long. That's what I love about her. And I love this gorgeous top - thanks Roberta xx ...

    I do love green,
    And the orange in between,
    It was not the right theme,
    But I wore it for Halloween,
    With a top and of course, my jeans.

  4. Hi Lyndal. Did you just happen to whip a this little poem, how totally clever of you. Please email me a picture of you wearing it. xx


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