Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bedroom Sharing Ideas #24

Just when I thought that Rowan's Room was just about finished a huge thought went ca-lunk in my head, a thought with wings and a long beak usually carrying a sling with a smiley baby in it!  My house is on the large side, but I can't justify using up every available guest room to turn into a nursery, so when the time comes (I hope not too soon) I will redecorating.
My eldest daughters, Peta and Lauren shared a room for all of their baby, toddler and primary school years and probably up to year eight.  Single beds became bunk beds, back to single beds.  A dividing wardrobe, a dividing curtain, beds with curtains, bed tents, the girls were very creative in dividing up the space and what fun they had.  It was too easy having the two girls share a room the only thing that really got in the way was the barbie doll collection, Peta wanted hers to have the long flowing hair and Lauren wanted to make them all clones of Annie Lennox. 
Luckily they both loved Ken Done and agreed to paint the walls, all four of them and the single beds  hot pink.  How 80's!

Thankfully we are here gleefully in the decorating savvy 2000's.  No more Ken Done, no more pine furniture shops.  We have IKEA

Fresh white palette, modern and classic

 Turquoise floor and the contrast bed covers, nice!

Wallpaper and funky cupboard give an illusion of division

Eclectic,my heart goes out to the wooden bed

Retro wall paper and IKEA beds

A clever use of coordinating wallpaper and more IKEA furniture 

Love this lots of treasures and wall art

Very cute indeed

Now we are really talking a dorm right in your very own house!

What are your bedroom sharing stories?


  1. I love that last photo in particular, a modern madeline dorm room! The photo above freaks me out though, one little earthquake and all that guff would avalanche on your kid!
    Me and my sis shared a room for a while so we could use the other room as a play room. I remember we tore up a whole box of computer paper into 'snowflakes' in there. we were ankle deep and flinging them around when we heard mums foot on the stairs. the impossibility of picking it all up and hiding it under the quilt but madly trying anyway-gosh it was fun!

  2. Love it. Just like all that yellow nylon barbie hair that used to get hidden in all possible nooks and crannies


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