Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boys Pj's 'Call Me Old Fashioned' #22

Call me old fashioned, but if I woke up and caught a glimpse of myself in those hideous pj's I throw a tantrum too!  I will admit that I really can't take to these brighter than bright sticky plastic motif in your face, jailhouse pyjamas.  When Peta arrived with Rowan this morning wearing this pj outfit it put me right off my cup of tea.
Bye, bye mum and Rowan is stripped of the pj's.  Then it occurred to me that the many times we had shopped for Rowan we found it near impossible to find a, let's say, subdued sleeping outfit.
When my girls were toddlers I made day pj's for them.  In summer I made comfy and cool lightweight  lawn nighties with matching bloomers.  If Rowan were a girl I'd do the same but he is a boy and a big one at that.  I spoke to my friend Lyndal today about my dilemma, she said "For goodness sake Roberta, he only sleeps in them,  nobody sees him!  What's wrong with slipping up to Target this afternoon and buying him a couple of pairs of pj's."  
"Definitely not, I am opposed to bold and ugly, bright and stripe, superhero and disney character and not to forget skull motif in your face interlock pj's.  Not in my house anyway" 

I'll have to make them.  
Something like this perhaps!

or this....

Or buy something like this..... 
or this......

I'd love to hear your views on my pj's dilemma or see your handmade originals.


  1. I was only thinking last night that i should try and make my little man some summer PJ's as he is looking a little hot in his flannels! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with

  2. Clothing tack is worse for girls I think, but boys have so fewer options full stop. Those jammies look quite livewithable compared to most I've seen, but I do like the idea of a wee fella in old man style paisley pj's!

  3. Little man summer pj's it is. Rowan sweats up a storm in the interlocks. Will post what I create. What do you think about button front though? too uncomfortable

  4. I love dressing my kids in beautiful pjs. I also dont like "disney" etc pjs, my mum bought my little man a pair of flannel "buzz lightyear" pjs recently - sadly he loves them!! Love your designs, the classic style jammies are fabulous - though buttons for babies probably bit uncomfortable, best I think once they are about 2years for buttons at the front. Look forward to seeing your designs:) Nx


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