Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wall Decor - Something Different and a new online store find

Decorating Rowan's room  is becoming quite a talking point amongst my friends. We enjoy musing over creative ideas such as colour (too much, too less), book and toy storage and wall decor. Thank you to some very talented Australian artists the walls are almost complete.   
So what do do with the wall behind his cot?    Or for that matter, walls in general.  Yesterday over a coffee we shared some funny memories of our creative faux pas when decorating our own children's rooms.

It was the feature wall back in the 80's, the beach house stripes, the new look French wash and all those gorgeous Porters Paint's finishes, that looked absolutely great in the shop and in the magazines,  took months to get it right (I thought)  only to see first hand how bad the colour choice was, the strips bled, and the French wash look, looked like a big splosh of colour!  Right enlist hubby to help with the clean up, two coats of the original colour and pretend it never happened.  
Another idea..

Let's go for the collage of many uninspiring framed prints, throw in a few embroided teddy bear  tapestries (from Nana)  and it might just work .  We need to bang in some unsightly hooks, nails etc.  or adhere multiple sticky hooks and later watch them slide ever so slowly and take on a direction completely of their own, picture in toe.  

I don't know which was worse?

Thanks to having some young and inspiring creative people around me I was introduced to the wonderful world of wall stickers......

"Create your ultimate Space"

"These beautiful removable wall borders and wall stickers make quick work of transforming your baby's or child's room"

Imagine the power of these quotes back in the 80's

These happy little jungle animals are from the Wall Sticker Company and live lovingly on the wall of Rowan's Nursery at his house.

Now for  Rowan's room at his big house I wanted something a little different.  I came across a online store 
Gallop Lifestyle with some very lovely products for baby as well as a treat for yourself.  

These are my picks.....

Very cute and oh so French!


Starry night 

Kitty soft toys by Malike

Love these storage boxes...I'm thinking children. laundry, picnics, magazines......

I hope you enjoy!

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