Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Room in Progress - The Cuckoo Clock Arrives

Amidst all the hype putting together the last to do list for Rowan's Christening my friendly postman popped his head over the fence and called out to me that he had a parcel.  Yeah! I love receiving parcels, even the ones I know about.  It's all about the unwrapping, the first visual impression, and the finally, to have and to hold. 

How excited I was to receive my Cuckoo inspired clock from the very talented Jo Melrose.  I am working on creating a room for Rowan that will be inspiring, fun and a little quirky, and this beautiful clock will sit so proudly on the wall next to a vivid Vietnamese watercolor I bought on my last visit to Vietnam.   

Of course it is Turquoise

What fun!

Thinking wall decor...I was recently in Brisbane visiting my daughter and together we visited the Portside Markets.  Wow if you are a devotee of Mathildas Market you will love this crafty Aladdin's Cave of Artisan surprises.  One of my favourites on the day was Mondo Cherry a very happy and talented threesome made up of mum and her two daughters who together share a passion and love of creating handmade unique paper and fabric artworks.  I am in love with their vibrant and quirky illustrations and the individuality of each piece.  I could not pick any one on the day, so many to chose from. After hanging the very brilliant turquoise Cuckoo clock I knew exactly where to go to find a complimentary artwork.  And here it is...Can't wait to post how handsomely it will adorn Rowan's wall.

Vintage Circle Maps

How adventurous!

There are many beautiful decorations and artworks on the Mondo Cherry website, one for each wall in the house!

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