Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Easter Dress to Cherish

Growing up my mother always made me a new Sunday dress for Easter, a very special  dress to wear to mass and then to our family Easter feast, which was one of those occasions where the silver got polished the crystal came out and us kids got to seat at a special table of our own.  Of course I continued the tradition for my three daughters but instead of the dresses being of the very special Sunday dress nature, I would make holiday style little shifts as we always headed north to our beach house for the Easter Holidays and our feast was a wonderful barby after a big swim at the beach.  

Earlier this year when sorting my fabrics I came across some beautiful Irish Linen that I have been keeping for something very special...What I love most about this fabric are the vintage colours, a dusty pink and a buttercup yellow.  It wasn't hard for me to come up with a design I just had to flick through some old photograph albums and look pictures of myself as a baby and toddler.  Next I open my Pandora's box of vintage buttons, laces, and cottons and Cherish... a very special Easter Dress in the Sunday best nature.


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