Saturday, November 6, 2010

A few of my favourite things

 When I woke this morning and the rain was steadily beating on my roof instead of feeling glum I thought about the scene in "Sound of Music" when it is raining and thundering and the children come into the room and Julie Andrews breaks out into this fabulous good feeling song "Raindrops on Roses".  I was not going to let the rain put a damper on my day.  I began to think about my favourite things I have come across this week.  An exquisite bunch of roses I treated myself to from Rococo Flowers, a fabulous find at a garage sale last Saturday, an old Japanese saki bottle in an amazing shade of blue and of course a pair of oh so cute ruffily frilly Knickernoos I added to my collection this week.  Love the fabric!
I leapt out of bed and turned on my computer to share these beautiful images.  Firstly I opened my email....A HUGE SURPRISE ...Rowantree was featured on the Bondville Blog..Thanks Steph you have made mine, my friends, and my family's day.  It's a big buzz.  You have made the Rowantree online collection look as beautiful a it is.

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  1. You are so welcome Roberta! It's not hard to make your gorgeous kids clothes look good. And it seems by all the comments on the post that you have lots of fans! Best wishes,Steph x


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