Thursday, November 4, 2010


I found some absolutely gorgeous fabric at the back of my studio last week.  I just can't believe that it had been hiding away for so long.  I just love the print, it evoked memories of  wonderful, fancy afternoon teas I shared with my beautiful and talented nanna.  She made her own teas, diffused with flower petals and herbs and when no one was looking just before she poured she would add a dash of Grand Marnier.  The table sometimes even looked good enough to eat,  laden with delicate cakes, tartlets and scrumptious finger sandwiches served on the most elegant assortment of fine bone china cups and saucers.

I can't remember how long these high teas would last, being young time is really never of the essence.  But what I do remember is sitting and listening to her stories of growing up.  I treasure all those wonderful heart felt stories and often when I am sitting in my kitchen drinking a delightful cup of tea I just think back and smile.

The print looks like a china cup and I wanted to make a very simple little dress as delicate as a piece of fine china.   This is Milly and will be available on my website very soon in sizes one, two and three.


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