Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rowantree Designs 'New York, Here We come'

Rowantree Giveaway Winners.  Yes Two Winners!

My bags are packed and we are ready to go. This has been such an awesome week for Rowantree Designs.  Thank you for all your lovely comments, blogging about my giveaway and high fiveing me.

Hello to the lovely Spark over at  Hatchling blog and Hello to the lovely Sammie over at Marriage Moherhood And   I am so happy that both of you have won a piece of my Rowanree Collection!  Can you please email me what you would like and of course the size.  As soon as I arrive home I will contact you and send out your gift!

Do you remember reading my blog about my handsome Rowan's, first birhday party, well this must be my lucky week as it was featured here.

I will be reading your blogs whilst I am away, as I hate missing out on things.  I 'll be blogging in NYC and of course posting postcards to you.


  1. Wow Roberta that is so exciting; I've never been, I hope you have a fabulous time! And what amazing vintage luggage - you are one stylish Mama! xx

  2. You have absolutely made my day!!!
    My little girl will be christened in a Rowantree Design in November!!!
    I haven't won a blog giveaway EVER so I'm super excited that this is my first!!!
    And something for ''Spark's" little S! I'm sure she is as excited as me!
    And thanks to her and Sass & Spice for introducing me to your blog!!!

  3. hi roberta, just wanted to give you my recommendations of things to definitely do on your trip to NYC....

    brooklyn flea market, for sure....there's another one that my sister has taken me to....maybe the williamsburg flea.....there's something called smorgasburg on saturdays. i haven't checked it out yet, but we will this saturday. it's like the brooklyn flea, but it's all food.

    there's excellent vintage shopping in brooklyn. crossroads and horizons are two that i've actually checked out, but there are others...going to explore next week when we move the family to stay with my other sister in brooklyn. artists and fleas is a great place in brooklyn, too. and, for coffee....there's a new aussie place in brooklyn called toby's. really good.

    now, for the west village where my other sister's more boutique-y....and expensive, but gorgeous. there is one great shop called housingworks on west 10th street between hudson and bleeker. i can direct you more foodwise in this neighbourhood because i have a hard time spending too much on clothes...definitely john's pizza and murray's for cheese, etc. both on bleeker. and, excellent food at momofuku noodle bar in the east village.

    hope you enjoy your trip! it's been scorching hot here, but lots of fun.

  4. YAY! WOWEEEEE! I can't believe this!! Thank you so very much. And a double giveaway - Roberta - generous as always!

  5. congratulations to the winners! so exciting! bon voyage, safari njema roberta. nyc is going to love you!

  6. Oh wow, Rowan's birthday looks fantastic! Have a great time in nyc.. I had a great time there and would love to go back. Take care xxx

  7. Send my regards to NYC! Would love to see it through your eyes.
    Congrats on your mention it is well deserved.
    Have a great time !

  8. Oh my goodness, I love your cases! Have an amazing time! xxx

  9. Morning! (Well, it will be by the time you get this I would imagine!)I meant to comment the other day when I read this post, but I got side tracked taking temperatures, and doling out panadol! I just wanted to say how cool I think your luggage is! Totally vintage fabulous! Hope you get over the jet lag super quickly.
    S xo


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