Sunday, July 15, 2012

New York City Restaurants 'Hungry in New York City'

I'd like by saying.  You don't have to read this.  It's a tad long and I really get carried away with pretending I'm a food writer! this is just for some friends of mine who wanted me to thumb them up on a few places to eat in the hood! 

Finding a good restaurant in New York City can be a challenge, some might say, like bars in Ireland, they are all sensational, but when I visit the big apple, I am on a mission to seek out new wave food trends.  I am looking for restaurants that are taking on the farm to table approach, restaurants that serve fresh food, that is made with love and care.  Ambiance is a big plus for me as I want the restaurant to be a destination, where I can sit sip a cocktail  and enjoy every delicious morsel that is put in front of me.  I am no food writer but with years and years of eating experience I like to believe I can recommend a good one!  These are just a few of my favourites in the Soho, down town area.

Roberta's Pizza. I blog about this restaurant every year I visit , it's the best pizza I have ever eaten and the restaurant just keeps getting better.  With a green house growing organic greens, herbs and tomatoes, a bakery that pumps out mouth watering breads all day, and most of all a great beer garden serving beers from their own brewery.  What else could you ask for?  Great staff?  They are all here too  
Try to go early afternoon, it's much easier to get a cab over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Stay and play and kids are welcome!  Don't forget to take your camera you will have fun taking pics in the beer garden!

Miss Lily's.  Straight up I love this crib.  The front door staff are gorgeous, and dressed in Jamaican, Caribbean uber posh swagger.  Walk on in and the reggae music has the crowd pumped, I loving this restaurant  with or without food.  The service is quick, sit down and the staff are attentive and friendly, if you can't decide, they'll decide for you, so just sit back and let the food do the talking.  My picks, for starters, jerk corn, cod fish fritters and fish tacos, wrap up these tasty morsels with the goat curry or jerk chicken, so gooooood and while you are making one with the food the in house DJ and radio station spins some great vinyls.  Book here!

Ed's Lobster Bar. Just passing by and you won't be able stop yourself from wanting to enter this narrow white space.  This widow displays of fresh oysters, clams and lobsters are not the only draw cards, the restaurant is a vibe of happiness (must be the oysters), the white panelled walls and nautical decor are refreshing, take a seat at the white marble bar and start chatting to the friendly staff whilst they pour you a long cold beer! Ahh an oasis in this hot city!  The seafood is so fresh you'd think they had the trawler parked outside, and the pasta is handmade....The signature dish is the lobster roll accompanied by fries which are about the best you can get in NYC.  My favourite, the oysters and the staff shuck them right there in front of you.    The lobster ravioli is to die for, you may need to share this dish, don't leave out the chowder, it's all delicious. A great selection of wine here including a NZ Savvy...Perfect!  No bookings, so go early.

Aurora's Italian Restaurant You'll find Aurora's perched up an industrial staircase in busy Broome Street.  A rustic space, bare brick walls adorned with pieces of old farm equipment.  I like the vibe, noisy and happening.  Early evening you might find Soho hipsters dining with their Woodstock styled parents but later in the evening the crowds shifts and the music gets pumping.  The pasta is all made on the premises, fresh crisp salad leaves are served with tart citrus and edgy cheeses.  I  guarantee you'll come back here before you leave.  Everything on the menu is my favourite here. If you can fit in dessert, try the panna cotta.

La Esquina If anybody is old enough to remember Studio 54 well La Esquina is like this with tacos subbing for cocaine.  ONce you get past the steel door, down the winding staircase then walk throught the kitchen, this is one cool place to hang out with a margarita and share a few plates of awesome Mexican food.  Built in a basement, it the walls are weathered, and the rest of the structure is rusted steel.  You won't worry too much after a couple of margarita's, you'll be grooving with the best of them. Make sure you book, you'll feel pretty awesome passing the velvet rope knowing you are in!


The Mermaid Inn  New England style seafood's with hip charm.

Mexican Radio  Just perfect unfussy Mexican food with loads of the things we love, cheese chilly and fresh ingredients.  Funky environment and those margaritas just keep coming.

The Delicatessen Bringing international comfort food to the cross roads of Soho and Nolita.  Familiar favourites with a twist!  Cheese burger spring rolls, and the best cheese macs in the history of the universe!  Try the organic cucumber martini!

Cafe Citane. If you are into checking out drop dead gorgeosu models, celebs hanging out in their day clothes and other New York Hipsters and eat the best morrocan food this side of Casablanca, this is definately it!!!!.   Most days you'll want to sit down an sip a glass of french wine and watch the passing parade.  The food is great!

Pegu Club  The gate keeper of classic cocktail culture.  Be careful don't make arrangements for after this stop!

Ladies, and gents file this one away, just in case, you never know when you might find yourself hungry in NYC.


  1. You know some good eatin'! Its easy to be hungry in NY, there is some good stuff to stuff your much with for sure. Great list!

  2. Mmm mmm, if I ever get to NYC I'll have to try a few of these! :) Thanks for dropping by and sharing your coffee with me this morning! ;)

  3. Sooo happy to get your list! Most of these new to me now. It's been 6 years! Back then La Esquina didn't have a sign on the metal door, and was fronted by a simple taqueria, and nobody knew it was there. Like that still? You had to ask to go down.

    Is Ruby's still there in Nolita? Run by a couple of Aussie guys and was the only place to get a decent coffee back then. Also in Nolita - our favourite Mexican at Cafe el Portal (in a basement) and Cuban at Cafe Habana (if you can get a table). Then Lower East Side for Argentinian at Azul.

    Amazing sake bar (again in a basement) Decibel on E.9th and 2nd Ave. And is Pravda vodka bar still on Lafayette and Houston?

    Oh so much goodness. Can't wait to go back with your list.


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