Thursday, May 31, 2012

In My Life 'Sewing a Tunic Dress'

Today I am running up a couple of tunic dresses,  I say this running up, as this is how my mother referred to sewing, "just running something up"   As a Small child I found this very confusing speak,  wondering if she was suddenly going to run up the wall or run up the street clutching on to something?  But later when I figured it out , this running up meant she was going to sew something, whether it be a couture bridal outfit, a tailored suit or a set of new curtains for my brothers kombi van, she would unveil the Singer sewing machine......

Back in my 'big white house days' you can read about them here and here, my mother, grand mere and aunts all very stylish fashionista's, worked he latest styles and the tunic and slack suit were pretty hip! 

 My mother wore her hair as no. 1 She had one of those hair pieces which lived on a polytsyrene head. It was really freaky when you are really small!

I call these the Englebert Humperdink suits, look here, you'll see what I mean.....

Getting back to my sewing........I just love a tunic style dress, that you can scoot around in summer with a pair of gorgeous flats and in winer layer it with a long sleeve tee over a pair of jeans......  It's just my kind of cruising mode and I also love his look for little girls.  

There are quite a few Japanese pattern books you can buy, I drop into Tessutti's frequently and they have a good range, I don't buy them just for the patterns, they are just so visually beautiful and lovely to have in your favourite book nook. 

 I'm not using any one pattern today.  I am going to style it as I go, I'll see how it fits and looks as it starts taking shape.  I have two pieces of liberty fabrics, both navy of course, I find it hard to move away from navy.  I shop for my liberty fabrics at Calico and Ivy in Balmain, a craft haven filled to the brim with exquisite fabrics, yarns, and Sarah and her clever staff will happily chat to you about any craft project you are doing.

I am liking this Sew Liberated Pattern 'Schoolhouse Tunic'  and I will leaning on this for the overall look!  I think t his Liberty fabric will be perfect to wear around the fibro shack.

Well I had better get started but before I do, I am going to make a pot of tea and pop on over to my lovely friend Anna's blog to see the pair of stylish and cozy socks she is knitting for me, they will look fabulous with ankle boots with the tunic.  Big kisses and hugs coming your way Anna!
And hen I'm popping over here for some online window shopping therapy, just the mention of hand knitted socks and a gorgeous pair of ballet flats has distracted me.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. You have inspired me to get my mother's pattern box out. Sh e has hundred packed inot an old ski boot box. I might put some on the blog so you can see them. It would be a vintage fashionista's paradise. I need to sew some of her stuff. I haven't been at a machine for about 30 years though. I want to take up sewing again.

    Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out.

  2. Hi Carolyn, you must mean that gorgeous in you had he delicious gluten free choc delights in! Oh yes do all those styles are back in again. You can run yourself up some gorgeous pieces and you'll be in style heaven!!. Get hat machine out.

  3. I love tunics, but i haven't seen any i like for ages. I really must make myself have a go at proper sewing! How would you rate tunics for ease of making? I did find a 70's smock top made from a green liberty fabric at 'georges' in melbourne on my op-shop travels, which is persuading me to reappraise my "liberty, its a bit too flowery for me" bad attitude!

  4. Oh I really wish I was as clever as you! And as stylish. I would love to 'run' something up for myself. I wouldn't dare leave the house in anything I had sewn. It would be sure to fall apart! ;-)
    I can't wait to see the finished product...and perhaps place an order?! They are THE comfiest thing to wear with tights or skinny jeans. x

  5. I love the patterns! My mum also says "run one up"! Happy sewing to you, also can you email me your address for the jubilee swap! I'm ready to go! :)

  6. Oh I love those patterns, looking forward to the finished project. Thanks for your mention and the hugs and kisses! I'm nearly done with the second sock, hope to pop it in the post on Saturday before our long Diamond Jubilee weekend.

  7. How did the tunic dress look. I think they look fabulous in pictures and drawings, like in the first pattern - your mum did her hair that way, what patience - and then I make them and I look like a scrawny sack in them. I do like the way the sleeves are cut into the design in the first pattern though. How did it wear?

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