Friday, February 3, 2012

Rowantree Design 'The Gadabout'

If you intend to do some gadding about with your little man this weekend this little pant will take you almost anywhere.

Don't you just love the word 'Gadabout',  well it literally means  one who roams around in search of amusement or social activity, a restless searcher of fun things to do and presto!  that is exactly what toddlers love to do the most.  
Well it's what Rowan gets to do most days that he spends with me.  He gadabouts the house opening drawers in search of treasures, he gadabouts outside looking for more amusement opportunities in the garden.  Then he has a nap.  In the afternoon, Rowan and I gadabout in the car visiting our friends at the auctions houses looking for funky stuff, we go to Greenfields for my sewing supplies, where Rowan gets to crawl around in the  zipper section, he has loads of fun pulling them all off the shelves.  He in and out of his car seat several times a day.  
I soon realised that Rowan needed a special kinda pant to do all this gadding about in.  A pant that was comfy and easy to wear and of course a couple of pockets to stash treasures along the way. 
He still had to look ever so smart because you never know who? you are going to run into or where the day might take us. 

 Tadaaaaaaaa!  'The Gadabout'

Vintage buttons and a good sized pocket 

Comfy, lots of room around the botty with soft elastic waist


  1. Oh goodness, I wish I had a little boy to gallivant about in these!

  2. Oh another word I love. I guess girls could always gallivant in these too!

  3. Another fantastic item Roberta, soooooo adorable (both the gadabout and Rowan of course!).


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