Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bach 'The Before'

How did you spend your sunny weekend, wasn't it a beautiful and refreshing change to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!  Last night I couldn't sleep for exhaustion, I must say,  I put in a pretty solid weekend at the bach.  The weather was brilliant, so we had a bit of fun strolling down to the beach for a swim or two.
Thank you for all your inspiring comments about the bach, and as promised, below are the before pictures with a little commentary as to my plans for the makeover.

Clean up the gardens, remove the sunshade.  Take off the screens from front door and change the aluminium bedroom windows to white.  Using lattice crate an entrance way which will give privacy 

View from the front door.  Paint the entire inside of house using Dulux Lexicon White.  Place a large poster and a paint effect on this wall.

All the interior floors will be sanded.  Take off the screen doors outside.  Replace deteriorating lace curtains.

The kitchen doesn't need replacing, just tweaking.  Remove the expel air above the stove (useless), and replace the oyster light with track lighting.  Remove the glass splash back and replace with tiles. (don't like the glass or the colour).  Paint the beam Dulux Lexicon white, low sheen.

Thank goodness the previous owner loved his furniture so much he took it all away!  Replace curtain with venetian blinds.

Replace the existing sliding glass doors with extra big ones so when you walk into this area you will see the beautiful private back garden.

Gone in all entirety!!!!!!!

Bedroom one, to the right as you walk in the front door

Bedroom two is to the left down the hall next to the  bathroom

Private back garden which leads down there somewhere to a little stream, beautiful Mango tree.  Clear the back of the section and build a picket fence to keep Rowan and the poodles from heading off to the stream.  

Build a large deck with lattice privacy screens. Replace existing sliding glass sliding doors with double sliding doors.  This will open up the back of the house and with the new deck will provide another area to relax and entertain.

Laundry come second bathroom.  It really should be knocked down but it will serve a purpose until I build the new bunk house which will have a self contained bathroom and laundry.

The back garden needs a big tidy up and I think some of the sailor's cousy bro's should head over the ditch and give it a good going over......The mango tree is seriously sick and in need of an arborist.  clear the little circular garden to the left and replant it.

Today I am off to collect a sample pot of paint, drive up and splash a bit on, see whether I love it or not.  
I am wondering if anybody may have an idea of what colour I have in mind?


  1. Wow- what a blank canvas, it has good bones though doesn't it?
    The bathroom made me laugh.

  2. Wow i can not wait to see you work your creative magic fantastic . I guess this means that you won't be at the next mathilda's market . You are one busy lady .

  3. Hi I just came across your blog. Im going to follow so i can see your progress with this house, you are
    very lucky! Monika


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