Monday, January 16, 2012

Toy Storage and A New Old Train For Rowan's Room

With all the toys that have been gathering over here at Nana's house, I needed to find a storage solution for Rowan's room.  I just can't help myself, a trip to IKEA is in order, just to have a little look see and okay I'll admit that I'm eager to digest one of those disgusting hot dogs that I swear will never again touch my lips each time I visit.

Found it!  The IKEA PS is just the perfect solution,  it fits three Branas so I can rotate the toys around, it's lockable (if I don't loose the key), has an edgy industrial look which works well with the other eclectic pieces in his room, I love the fact that it is made of metal and can use magnets to put up photographs at his eye level and it is the best platform for Rowan's new old vintage train and carriages.  Isn't he handsome.  Definitely handmade in the fifties with a few wheel renovations perhaps in the seventies.  Note the smoke chimney on the engine has been chewed by some lovable canine.

Tell me, does anybody else love to eat the hot dogs at IKEA.


  1. Fantastic Roberta - love it!
    Ps You are so funny - the hotdog part of the story made me giggle!

  2. the thought of having an ikea to go to makes me drool, hot dogs not so much!

  3. Max, the thought of me leaving IKEA without a hotdog makes me realise my own weakness.


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