Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rowan's Room # 7

Each time I think about posting a blog of Rowan's room I put it off thinking that it's not quite finished and  the reason why it's never finished is because I am always finding something that I just can't resist to adorn a wall or shelf or floor space.  I didn't start with a theme, I new the room would evolve of eclectic bits and pieces.  So let me walk you through.

The water colour  artworks are from Hoi Ann in Vietnam, a gift from my friend the artist.  If you have visited Hoi Ann you will recognise the Japanese bridge which is leading into the old town.  I have just added the crochet bunting.

My very own first camera the  Box Brownie

The book corner shelves are spice racks (Bekvam)  from Ikea

Jo Melrose Design cuckoo clock.  Mondo Cherry Around the world artwork.  Cushion from Ikea.

Wall sticker company 'World Map', Antique globe mobile ABC Home NYC

German Goebel figurines, love their cute faces.  Family treasures.

Squeeky Lion, my own, made by Driclad in Cabramatta in the early 1960's

I have absolutely loved putting this room together, no theme just a collection of loved pieces, I don't think the room will ever be  finished, it will just keep evolving.


  1. There is so much to love there, the map-piness (like happiness, only better!) the colourful Elmer the elephant, poky little puppy and that beautiful old painted chair. You've done a beautiful job x

  2. Thanks Max, I love mappiness! I also love to collect things!

  3. Rowan's room is just lovely, so much for him to do an learn from and all so stylish xx

  4. Such a fantastic room! If you don't mind me asking, what is the brand/name of the crib? It is exactly what I have been looking for, but can't seem to locate at the moment! :)


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