Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fave Raves 'New York Pizza' #8

One of my favourite eating hangouts in New York is Roberta's (I don't only love it for it's name) pizzeria which is located in Bushwick, a forlorn part of Brooklyn filled with gritty factories, warehouses, and lofts. The restaurant, housed in a former garage, has wood-paneled walls, elongated wood tables, and mismatched captain’s chairs. Outside is the very hip happening Tiki Bar, a kinda rustic lean to, pumps out cool music, one word of warning, the punch is a wicked drop and the beer selection is awesome, no wonder this place really rocks after dark.  

The restaurant owners a couple of muso's, have set up a sustainable garden in the back yard. Two repurposed shipping containers were converted to elevated greenhouses to grow produce and herbs. The gardens also yield tomatoes, eggplants and greens, while fig, apple and peach trees grow throughout the yard, the garden also features an old mercedes wreck which is garden to lots of freshly grown herbs.  

We arrived very early (a), to get a table and (b), to sit outside and enjoy the last rays of sunshine, soak up the cool vibe and great music, whilst sipping on a few jam jars of punch and a couple of beers.  Our table ready, we moved inside the dining room already half full and  buzzing, you've got to trust me here the pizzas are delicious watching them come out of the oven makes the mouth water and yes! they were as delicious as they look, so many toppings to choose from, plates of cold cuts, cheeses and mega fresh salads.  The wine list is extensive and has wines from all over the world we chose an Italian Chianti.  Perfect!

Don't be put off by the gritty appearance.

Just chilling, watching it all unfold around us

Thirst quenching and mind altering punch

261 Moore Street Brooklyn, NYC

Roberta's opens around 6pm.  Get there early.  We did find it hard to catch a cab from Manhattan, the cabs don't like taking fares over the Williamsburg bridge as they don't like the clientele in Brooklyn therefore they ride back empty .  So when in NYC never tell the cab driver where you are going until you get in the cab and you a moving!  Brooklyn is fast becoming a hot spot for creative spaces, cafes, great restaurants and hip bars.  Next time you visit the big apple spend a couple of days wondering around  foraging out something new and exciting.

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